I'm burning faster 12x than 16x

Let’s just say about same speed, wich i NOT normal

For a simple reason: at 16x only my plextor 16/10/40 often go in burn-proof mode (green light) even with certified 16x medias (imation, philips) and non 16x certified medias (TDK, Mmore)

I’m running one ATA100 HD under win2k SP2 (so ATA100 supported), i installed VIA Bus Master IDE Controller, flashed the last firmware (v1.02) and even let the burner be alone on 2nd IDE controller but nothing to do… burn-proof mode every once i a while at 16x…

any council/advice welcome ! :slight_smile:


are you copying on the fly?

VIA chipset

mobo MSI K7T Pro 2A

burning from hd files, not image or on fly…

i installed VIA Bus Master IDE Controller…

If you’re using CloneCD this could be your problem. CloneCD doesn’t like these drivers and recommends the standard Microsoft drivers that come with your Windows version.

If you’re not using CloneCD, forget I said it :slight_smile:

I’m using both clonecd and nero, and i tried with and without windows drivers…