I'm Bored :)



Hey Guys … basically i’m bored … need something interesting to do … as in download movies from http sites … or learn hackin in simple way … or hack hotmail …
please guys help me …or i will go insane … :frowning: :confused:


There you can try to become a member of a FXP site and upload download stuff in a faster/better way.

Visit this forum more often, try to help other people, feel free to ask questions if you have them. Visit our main site www.cdfreaks.com where you can reply to news as well.

Other than that I can recommend joke sites like www.customerssuck.com or www.rinkworks.com


thanx a lot buddy :slight_smile:


Since you are American (you get movies first), go to some video-rental store, rent some really really new movies on DVD, convert them to DiVX, upload them on a damn fast FTP server and report the FTP’s data to me so I can download and enjoy some new, nice movies :slight_smile:

Thanx anyway :slight_smile:


Dee that should get rid of boredom for anybody. The last time I tried to rip a movie(it was on a 200 mhz), it took like 66 hours.