I'm bored

Can I crosspost this to each forum and subforum to see what happens, since i’m tired of playing solitare and all of you have not posted anything funny in tonight?

Bored too… trying to reinstall windows on ym old pc, and it doesn’t work. Now drinking beer.
Bad idea as I have early meeting at work tomorrow. AAARRGHGHHHHH!!!

Just thought of something what size is the couch in cdfreaks livingroom in case my wife puts me out the front door tonight?

here you go, I found this floating around the intarweb a while back and thought it was most amusing. it is a scan of a highschool essay writen about the greek tradgedy Oedipus, but the kid must have had a grudge or something against the english teacher :bigsmile:

Disclaimer: this contains some profanity, if you are easily offended, don’t read it…you’ve been warned :cop:

ok, here it is (400kb jpg)

even after you expand it, its still kinda small, so you might need to save it and use windows picture viewer or something to zoom in

:iagree: :iagree:

Effin huge couch-a-sarus I reckon.

At least I hope so… more comfortable :iagree:

Here is a game for you to play:

cat bowling

uh uh uh…can I tell what will happen then…can I…can I… :bigsmile:

yes yes yes :iagree: :iagree:

Absolutely, be my guest :bigsmile:

it’s better a no no no :disagree: :disagree: :disagree:


I know just thought I would ask

You need one of this :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

woah! :eek: thats friggin awesome!

a bit troublesome for pr0n :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

But you’ll be able to see if Ceiling Cat is watching you! :bigsmile:

LOL! :bigsmile:

That looks great some would fall asleep in a chair like that but not me.

does the chair have a built in vibrator and a cup holder

Are you not able to sleep if a kitten is watching you? :stuck_out_tongue: