I'm bored



Just got back from taking the gradkids to the new Movie CARs great great movie but now I bored


Yes, I have some ideas concerning your problem.

I suspect it may have something to do with poor quality media (content).
Can you post a few media scans & screenshots? :slight_smile:


Moving to the Living Room…


ROTFLMAO :bigsmile:


i’m bored too. i’m watching reruns of Good Eats that I Tivo’ed and have been since 5am (it’s now 8am)

I have to go to my cousin’s preschool graduation in a couple hours and I’m already tired :frowning:


I’m not bored, I’m still tired. It’s 12:54 pm, I only woke up at midday. Hopefully getting some new burners today, so I better wake up quick :bigsmile:


A closet Alton fan? The man is the best thing on TV…

If you steal from one source, that is plagiarism, if you steal from many, well, that’s just research. /.


good eats is probably the best show on TV. i had no idea there were so many seasons! I’m working on getting the dvds. (a little out of my price range at the moment though

i like food and i like nerdy stuff…that show is perfect!

I also may have to start watching “ham on the street” on the food channel because i like fat guys :stuck_out_tongue:


Ham On The Street cracks me up…But Alton is a true food nerd, and my wife is addicted…I believe he was a Film Major…kind of like you?

Very few situations are made worse by the unexpected arrival of a cold beer /.


one of the things that drew me to good eats is the constant subtle film references. i notice at least one thing film related (that’s not part of his obvious spoofs and nerdery) in every show, and there’s probably a lot that even I’m missing!


why not try burning a few dvd’s and then sniffing them…that should make the time pass fast


Hehehehe…not the sniffing again, where will it end? :bigsmile:


After you lose your sense of smell … I think that’s around about the age of 70.


There are many things I could suggest but I won’t. :bigsmile:


I have another problem besides being bored. A few weeks ago my TV in my den started truning itself on right after dark then keeps changing the channels and running the volume up and down. Does not do this every night I unhooked the cable sat and still it would do this I am beginning to think I have a ghost in my house that is having fun with me or my bug zapper that is outside a window is somewhere causing the problem. Maybe it is only when it zaps certain bugs but I vote for ghost.


Definitely ghosts…They’re in it with the aliens. They’re building landing strips for gay Martians. I swear to God…

This has been a public information announcement




Yes … watch out for gay aliens … they sneak up behind you … and then when you are least expecting it … bam!
You’re another insane crackpot on the national news claiming to have been kidnapped & “Probed” by aliens.

Hmmm …

Aliens - Dirty Buggers :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I will keep you posted they seem to stop everytime I try and prove it is ghost doing it . Always hard to prove anything when the problem stops everytime you start working on it


I know what you mean…Every time I lose something I always find it in the last place I look…If I would have started there to begin with, I would have saved a lot of time…

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