Im bored whens the new firmware coming out!

well? :slight_smile: :iagree:

Really. Do they only come out when enough of a fix is needed?

Keep asking for it, I’m sure they are reading this and will soon release a new firmware to keep you happy! :wink:


should be soon

thats what I figured they’re pretty good about keeping them recent.

I’m waiting… :bigsmile:

You’re just so impatient… :wink:

It’s what BenQ owners have come to expect. :smiley:

The frequency of firmware releases was actually one of my buying influences! But, as it turns out that with the three medias I happened to have stocked up on (TYG02, SONY08D1, CMC.MAG.AE1) I’m so happy with the timings and results I can’t really bitch! I always get over 90% quality and I usually get over 97%! When I look at other drives abilities it sure makes it hard for me to bitch to BenQ to release another firmware! But, I guess I could ask for shorter lead-in/out times to get my 16x burns under 6 minutes :wink:

And with B7S9 being able to burn so well on “junkier” media you can pretty much interchange through spindles from B7S9 to B7T9/P9 as you wish… the firmwares we have to choose from are pretty stout as it is although it’d be nice to roll up the benefits of all the firmwares released into one uber firmware… then we’d really be bored, hehe. :slight_smile:

I think this might be the longest “drought” for us BenQ owners between official firmware releases…it’s been OVER A MONTH! :eek:

curls up in the corner and cries a little bit

twitch twitch twitch :bigsmile:

Any word on when the U9 firmware is going to be released?

Yes…when…damn It!!!1

:eek: WOW!!! That’s an incredible 16X burn, 99% quality score for a dvd-r…that’s insane!!!

U firmware is currently being beta-tested… by someone I know… by someone who has posted in this forum…

They’re adding new features that’s why it’s taking time… I’ve sent an e-mail suggesting for a feature to reduce lead-in / lead-out times… hope they follow through with that…