Im back!

Hey all. I havent been here i a while. Wow, the place has changed. :slight_smile:

Well, just seeing hwo everyone was going and saying hello!

To keep this on topic I’ll tell you how my DVD burning has been going.

I’ve been using those stupid princo 4x printable discs. Yeah I know, sue me! They are too unreliable. They only work properly at 4x. Other sppeds have WAY too many errors. There are still coasters at 4x though. I dunno why I keep buying these crappy discs.

Does anyone in australia, know any online places that sell ritek or TY in large spindles at reasonable prices? I live in SA as well so it would be good if these online places deliver interstate or something.

I never got anything online. But now I am desperate. I need good quality discs for less than $3 each. It’s just too expensive. :a

Anyway, take it easy everyone, and good luck with your burning! :smiley: