anyone miss me or care??? :confused:

Jamos who? :confused: :confused: :wink: :wink: :wink:
Welcome back!

Where ya been? Welcome back

What did you do? Fall down the rabbit hole!
Good to see you back here.

yes, no …

welcome back :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ah look its old Jamos! The old greek thinker-guy :smiley:


Nice to see you around again Jamos :slight_smile: :iagree:

Good to see you back here!


Good to see you in here again-

Now get back to work-eh!!



Ditto. Welcome back Jamos. :slight_smile:

wb jamos.

Welcome back Jamos!

Time to update your sig? :wink:

Current DVD Hardware:
8x: SOHW-832, DW822, ND-2500
12: GSA-4120
16: DVR-108, DW-1620A, DW1655, ND3500A, PX-716A, LG4163
2.4x DL: SHOW-832/1633S, ND2510, LG4120B
4x DL: DVR-108, ND3500A, DW-1620A, LG4163
6x DL: PX-716A

Welcome back, Where were ya Jail?

Yes for burning DVDS! :sad:

I still own all those drives… :cool:

I don’t know whether to take that seriously :iagree:

Welcome Back Mate :clap:

Welcome back, Jamos. I watched your profile a month ago and was a bit worried of your long absence. :clap:


yep… wb!

Welcome back, Jamos. Hope, everything is okay.