I'm back



After a loong time from being away from CDfreaks I’m back and reading the forums. Can some one please tell me all the stuff that has happened here, so if some one references it I don’t look like a dumbass? I was here when Ken left, and then came back. That’s all i remember.


they killed kenny… :wink:


Teh CdFreakz Soap Edition 2005 #3

  • SS has found luuuuuvv’
  • Kenny is back as well
  • A new LivingRoom Moderator
  • lots of polls
  • lots of posts in TQFTLT

and now … commercials.

  • Bulsin (or how the hell he’s called) is a pain in the ass…
  • Namoh, wanted a custom usertitle
  • Some members became a dad…
  • about 20+ members like kinky sex
  • There is a " Dare: Post a REAL picture of yourself" thread
  • Ben and Gill T Pleasure were temporairy lost…
  • KenShin moved to an other house
  • Airhead is a serial killer!
  • Ow… and there is no god! (or is there…)

So nothing much… :wink:


We will await your final decision on it.


you didn’t miss anything…its just like a soap opera around here you can leave for months on end…and just walk in pick where ya left off…and nothings changed :smiley:

btw welcome back


dont know you and you dont know me but welcome back


Bulsin? Who is he? Never heard/seen him around here or am I to drunk everytime I visit CDFreaks?
I could add another member as well, it starts with an i

I still do!! But after my fight with some admin and management I can forget it the next 600 years. :stuck_out_tongue:

Euh, I think that would be 200+ according to all posts.


i mean “bsullins”… never mind… :wink:

Btw… those new smileys are crap…


hey Marz…i think you need my signature i thought of you when i found it :smiley:


Yep! :iagree: :smiley:


you can have it…if ya want :)…i’ve got more


thanks honey! I’ll fix it up later…


Good to see your back… as am I :slight_smile:


OMFG, we have something in common. :iagree:

The new smilies suck!

  • we are still waiting for a new avatar contest (and I hope that womble has lost the avatar from last year)

Welcome Back


W00t, woot, woot another contest that I probably ain’t gonna win. :stuck_out_tongue:


Without checking as there are one of two posts I need to read first have you entered???


It is of course ready to be reserected for the contest. Coming soon to a forum near you. :stuck_out_tongue:


your new title Womble should be Resurrector of Lost and Forgotten Threads