I'm back, ready to install 1620

Hey Gang:

I finally have a free moment to install the I/O Magic (1620) drive that I just got for Christmas a few days ago. I am trying to catch up on my lost sleep with all the family now gone that was from out of town. I noticed a few things after opening the box.

  1. The beige bezel was on the drive and there was a black bezel with TWO face plates for the front of the tray. That might be a mistake.

  2. There was no IDE cable in the box…I thought that was strange? Luckily I have an 80 pin cable that is already in my system.

The firmware on the drive is G7C9 which is obviously outdated and the OEM version. Have heard people getting the B*** in the same I/O Magic box but I guess I was not that luckey.

I set the 1620 and secondary master and the LTR 52x secondary slave on the 80 ribbon cable. I have the audio cable running to the LTR 52x. I removed the Toshiba 32x CD-ROM.

In device manager I see ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16

I have to unistall the NERO OEM that came with my Lite-ON 52x burner and install the newer NERO OEM that came with this 1620.

Under advanced settings do I need to set the DVD Region Settings? I did not read anything that this was necessary?

Now what is the next step?

I have some DVD+R 4x media CMC MAG F01 what is the best firmware version to use for such media? From what I have read in this form it looks like B7S9 but is there an equivalent G version? I have used 4x DVD-R CMC MAG AF1 media on my laptop burned at 2x and everyone came out perfect when burned on my Toshiba DVD burner in my laptop.

Thanks for all the help!

I purchased the same Drive. I flashed to B7P9. I have had zero problems.
Can not remember if I did anything with the Region setting but it is set to region one so I must have.

I use DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink and I purchased DVD Remake Pro…
I bought a 50 pack of TDK 8X +R at Best Buy the disks are Ricoh Code RICOHJPN R02 I burn these at 12X tests show these will not Burn at 8X ???
anyway 12X works fine…

Oh well back to burnin so far no coasters knock knock on wood that is…

I don’t believe you have to set your dvd region right now. When it’s necessary you’l get a message from the software programm your using.
I would take a look at this page http://dvdpro.club.st/firmware/BENQ_FW.htm
and take the latest G firmware and do a test, every drive is a bit different. I’ts not possible to tell a 100% sure what firmware is best on your drive. Just do a test and decide if it’s lives up to your expectations

Thanks! As I mentioned I have G7C9 FW right now…should I just stick with the G FW’s or crossflash to the B FW? I also noticed that from what I read the CVT is thte best way to flash the drive however the G FW’s don’t have a CVT file for some reason.

What is the latest G and B versions? The numbering system seems to be off.

Check this forum for more info on the G verse B FW but if I remember correctly the G is the OEM version and the B is a full version. Again I downloaded the WinDWFlash program and used the FW from the benq site. No problems… But again check out this forum for more info.
The latest FW on the America benq site is the B7P9 in this forum I have read that later FW is available on the China site but I will use what is availabe on the America site.

I do not know what is available with the G FW I have used the B FW and have had no problems

Thanks goat67…you are correct about G and B. However, after the B7P9 there is the B7S9 and B7T9 as well.

If I cross flash to B7T9 is there a G7C9 FW out there that I can use that will set the drive as if it just came out of the box? I have not seen any CVT files for G7C9?

Where is the B7T9 available from and is there info on what it fixes/improves

Where do you think the firmware is available, I would think I could find it at the Benq site. Or in this forum in this thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=99418.
No offence, but it smees there are a lot of youngsters whom seem to got a Benq 1620 as a christmas present. A little bit of searching here on this forum would harm anyone. It has nothing to do with you goat67, but I see a lot of new threads and a lot of them are needless. Well, I’m sorry…I’m a bit crumbling today. :eek:

When you flashed your drive with B7T9 you NEVER want to go back. Just trust me…

Well you will not find the B7T9 on the benq america site. the highest there is b7P9
That is why I asked where it could be found and info around it. The link you provided is for the “Unofficial Benq site” and thanks by the way I lost this link but I have it now, thanks to you

Here BENQ and here DVDPRO CLUB both have the FW B7T9

Oh test123 what you said was in or not in the box, same thing here with mine (I got mine at CC as well) and YES the black face plate should be there. It says the face plate is included with a pic on my box anyhow.

Thanks Omen65 I went to the Benq site and ended up here
http://www.benq.com/drivers/storage_drivers.html and the highest was the B7P9
go figure…

Thanks again

I’d just grab the .cvt file from DVDPRO Club’s website and cross-flash with WinDWFlash. Make sure to extract the files and then boot the computer in safe mode. Make sure you have no media in the drive while cross-flashing. :slight_smile: It should go rather flawlessly!

goat67… NP clad I could help.

Braxas… I hope I didn’t do anything wrong but when I flashed I didn’t do it in “Safe Mode” (W-XP, SP2), But I did NOT have a disk in the drive. As far as I know I don’t have any problems (not flashing in safe mode)

Mine also came with G7C9. It will NOT let you see errors in Nero CD-DVD quality. I upgraded to B7P9. Just get WinDWflash and B7P9.cvt. Search this forum you will see where to get it. Then it reports as a real BenQ 1620.

The links I gave goat67 5 of my post ago are where to get the things you talked about

Great…I could not remember where I got the stuff.