I'm baaaack!



And who are you again? :confused: Hi guys! I missed you all! My family and I went on a loooong vacation to Washington state in mid-December, and got home in early March. My internet has been on the fritz, and after it was fixed, I was afflicted with terminal laziness, which is why you are just now hearing from me… How’s everyone? Did I miss any earth-shattering events? :stuck_out_tongue: Man, it’s good to be back!




Hi there stranger…I became a member after you left I think, so there’s the earth shattering news:p:D. How’d you enjoy the “great” State of Washington? I live in Washingtion State and you won’t offend me with your answer:p. I also have terminal laziness…do you know a cure for it? Dang, a two and a half month vacation:eek:. Nice to meet ya senior member;)


Hi MF :slight_smile:

Tell us about your trip :slight_smile:

I really hate it when your internet connection is on the fritz …
My fritz is so high, I can’t even reach it when I stand on tippy-toes. And if you can, you can’t see it anyway, and of course, everything always manages to gravitate to the least accessible location.

Damn those fritz!


Howdy, Wazzy! Nice to meetcha! I happen to love Washington, and cannot wait to move back! My entire extended family is spread out in and around Kitsap county (Bremerton area). I love the rain, trees, fresh air (even in Seattle!), nice people, etc. I live in California right now :Z , in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The cure for terminal laziness is…meh, I don’t feel like telling you… :wink:

DEBRO! Well, our trip was a trial run to see how well my husband, son, and I could live with my mother when it comes time to move there sometime next year. She’s going to let us live with her rent-free so we can save up a down payment on a house, which shouldn’t take too long, since we will be first-time buyers. My mom seems like she’s been alone for waaaaay too long…a little loco, if you know what I mean… After my dad died almost ten years ago, she underwent a pretty drastic personality change, which, coupled with menopause, has made her slightly strange. :rolleyes: But, the trial run seemed to go well, so we will just have to wait for my husband’s injury/disability case to finally be settled, so we can get the hell out of California.
Also, my mother must have the slowest computer this side of 1990! Her dial-up was atrocious. It kept dumping the connection every few minutes. It got to the point where I even stopped checking my email because I wanted to put my foot through the monitor… :doh: When I got home, I hugged my computer and told it how wonderful it was, and stroked it…sorry :o . Then my internet died, and the second honeymoon was over.


That’s west coast right? Just don’t come to the Yakima County:Z…its a desert and most of the people can’t be trusted as far as they can be thrown :sad: …You live in SF Bay area…could you throw a syringe at barry bonds for me?:stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t feel like responding to that final remark of yours :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yeah…and my advice to you would be try to ignore the seattle sports teams (except the seahawks) the other ones just plain stink:Z


On a bathroom wall:

Original: This world is stuffed by Apathy!

Reply 1: What's apathy?

Reply 2: I don't know, and I don't care!


Yup, west coast. I’ve been through Yakima, and I couldn’t believe I was in the same state. :eek: I think Barry Bonds is immune to syringes by now…

Debro: It took me a whole 7 minutes to figure out that your avatar was Earthworm Jim. I’m such a sorry excuse for a gamer… :sad:


ROTFL @ Bonds…you weren’t impressed with Yakima either I take it. Right now its beautiful, 3 days of rain in a row :eek:. Everything is green instead of brown. Thanks for telling me that was earthworm jim:rolleyes:…now i’m gonna be kicking myself for weeks since i didn’t even realize that his avvy was from a game:doh:

Oh yeah…ROTFL @ the bottom two lines of your sig…but I think you need a couple more:a’s fit somewhere in there:p




welcome back MF


Damn, i thought it looked like Robin Hood :slight_smile:
Find a better earthworm Debro!


could`t stand it … just had to get into the CDFreaks Club again huh … :stuck_out_tongue: … welcome back MF !


Are you dissing Jim?


Post Deleted
Too much of a good thing!


Nice Double Post!!!;):stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Girl i wondered what had happened to you or hubby…let see since you’ve been gone…

me and tax got married had twins…
started a new world order
changed all the laws of Physics…
started a pottery club for single women :wink:

lmao just kidding…you know us same ole same ole…
i’m really glad your back…


I’m not. :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome back MaphistoFemme :bigsmile: