I'm At My Wits End Now

Problem #1. I updated my ATI driver this morning as it was installing I got no error message and it stopped installing then rebooted. After that it was a continous reboot loop. I tried to replace the videocard with a nividia to see if I can get it to boot into windows…no go. reinstalled the ATI 9600 SE and now it’ll boot but there is no display at all. I didn’t do anything to the bios. it is a 6 year old machine so XP drivers were enough to run it.Like I said it is on right now but no screen display and I did recheck the connection. I’m so gifted at this stuff but feel like a noob now. :o

Problem #2. Now I had a secondary HDD for all my files and music on it. Since I can’t use the original PC I put this second HDD in my much older PC a P3 Dell the device manager sees the secondary HDD but not windows. How can I get the dell to allow me to get all my files and music so I can put it all on a DVD well about 3 or 4 DVD’s?

Is your P3 also running XP or is it Win98 or ME? I’m thinking an NTFS volume not being recognised by the version of Windows on it.

P3 is running XP I did mess with the bios which is way different than the typical ones we are use to now days and was able to see the drive… Now lets trouble shoot the PC problem on getting it up and running again.

Have you tried to boot into safe mode?

Should’ve tried that before taking the card out… I’m guessing he’s seeing nothing at all, no POST etc.?

Sorry been messing with this I found the problem. I moved at least 7 times the pc moved with me as well. So I think the PSU was the problem because the card works in the other pc just fine.