Im an idiot, but could you help me anyway?



:slight_smile: Ok, heres my current situation, id like some feedback from people who obviously know much more about this than I do. I just recently purchased the NEC 3520A (black tray) and installed it into my computer. My basic computer setup is…

Dell Dimension 8100
Pentium 4 processor
256 megs of RAM
Windows ME (blech, i know it sucks)

I am using Nero OEM, which I believe is version 6.1 or something like that. I have burned nearly an entire spindle of Fuji R+ 8x (YUDEN000T02) and havent coastered any. I burned a few without my DMA enabled, and it took nearly 40 minutes. I then remembered to turn the DMA on, and it cut the burning time for a full 4.38 gig disc down to 22 minutes or so. I have not installed any firmware yet, and that is the reason I am asking this. Im at 22 minutes right now, just selecting the “max” burning speed and letting it burn. Am I doing something wrong, or is something not set properly that is causing it to burn in 22 minutes? Ive seen people on another forum comment that with the same discs and burner, they are burning a full disc in about 10 minutes. Is there anything else I can change on my system to increase speeds?

Also, if I flash my drive with the firmware (LD3520_1U6) I downloaded, will that greatly increase my burning speeds. I am using these discs right now primarily to back up my live music collection, which currently encompasses thousands of discs. This info is important, but if I can burn quicker without losing quality, id definately want to do that. I did the Nero CD-DVD Speed test, and this is what I got.

Avg 11.69x
Start 6.63x
End 15.89x
Type = CAV

Elapsed Time: 6:01

But for some reason, when I burn with Nero, its taking me 20+ minutes. So, help me out if you can, and many thanks ahead of time.



Is your HD very fragmented? That might slow you down a bit I guess…


The problem could well be NERO, this drive is only properly supported from version i believe, you should be able to upgrade the software from NERO’s website.
The current version is


I just went to my nero directory and looked at the version. Heres what it says

File Version

its the version that came bundled with the NEC drive.

Do you think downloading an upgrade would be beneficial?


The version you have should be fine, one thing, dont use unoffical firmware until you are sure your drive is working correctly. YUDEN000T02 should burn in around 6 minutes with stock NEC firmware, changing firmware is unlikely to speed up your burns


Thanks for your help. Im trying another disc, and this time I selected to burn at 8x, since thats the max the discs say, and Im gonna see what it comes out at. Maybe that will help. If not, I really have no idea where to go next.


get nero


Ok, just burned at 8x, and it took 24 minutes :frowning:


Downloading nero On my 56k modem, it should be done in 2 hours. THis fu*kin sucks :frowning:


time for a cable modem… :wink:


Yeah i’m on dial up to but I have friends who are very obliging when I use there cable for some fun.I’ll bet the new nero is what will be the fix to your problem.

#12 i third that.
I just dvd copy from a benq 4x dvd+r to optodisc 8x dvd-r. It took 10 min.


Ok, something is definately amiss. I downloaded the new Nero, installed it, and I think my burning time actually slowed down by a minute or two :frowning: I really have no idea what to do now. I guess I can try using a different program to burn and see if that helps. I have deepdvdburner, or whatever its called, downloaded as well. I just cannot figure this out. One of my friends has the same burner, burned with the same discs, and was burning a full disc in 10 minutes.


Are you sure that you are just burning and not recoding or anything like that? If you are recoding you have to remember that your disk won’t start burning until after the encoding is complete.

Try to first burn a disk image and then burn a disk from the image.

Turn off anything that doesn’t need to be running.


Change NEC 3520A to “master” mode, maybe it will work.


I am burning SHN and FLAC files, there is no encoding that I know of. When it starts to burn, it normally says “6:30” or whatever in the time remaining thing, but after 6 minutes, it just says 00:00 while the “time elapsed” meter keeps running.


In NERO Toolkit, Try using CD/DVD Speed. and select the “Create a data disc” option. This will burn a full disc and should complete in under 6:30.


Ok, I think I may have solved the problem, and if so, ill feel like an idiot, lol. I had DMA enabled on my optical drives, but I just went in and checked, and DMA was not enabled on my hard drive. I enabled it, im rebooting, and IM gonna burn another disc and see what happens.


hehe :slight_smile:
Don’t feel bad about it, i think everyone on this forum will have done something similar at one time or another, i know i have.
Hopefully this fixes your problem.



Thanks for putting up with my newbie crap, I appreciate it everyone :slight_smile: