I'm an Idiot: Burn files to DVD w/o having the filenames changed!

I wasted 6 DVD’s on this… All I want to do is burn a dvd and keep all the file names intact (and not have them cut short or changed!). My only alternative would be to zip everything up, but I have 10 gigs worth of stuff and that would take forever, and be a pain when I was looking for certain files. I’m attempting to copy all my old stuff to dvds before I wipe the HD and reinstall windows… I have a crappy HP dvd300i and Nero 5.

Change the filesystem type? The limit is like 255 characters in Joliet.

The Joilet limit in Nero 5 was 64 characters… It’s since been extended as of sometime in 6 (6.3, maybe?). In any case, 6.6 is able to relax the standards to 255 characters, why not upgrade?

Oh hrm. Yeah ok just upgrade to Nero 6. :wink:

I’m running the latest Nero 6.6
It could not handle file names over 97 characters.
The setting was ISO 9660 + Joliet.

When changed to ISO 9660:1999 which I think are 255 character max, it fixed 99.999% of the problems.
It did have 2 files the other day, that gave an error, but might have been a bad character in the name.
I didn’t write the error down, but this error was during the burn so it might not have been a too long error.
The file too long error was at the start, and you could abort the burn.