Im am SO confused!

Now, I’m sure this may be old news to many of you. But I don’t know the story so please be patient with my ignorance. It seems that there are two different products being distributed on the internet, both of which are named Clone CD.

Elby (Elaborate Bytes), whom I gather were the original developers, still has a site.

And now, we have a product which appears identical to it distributed by SlySoft.

Can anyone fill me in on the history behind all of this? Is there a thread somewhere on the forums that someone can point me to?

Slysoft bought the elby product. Some older versions of elby CCD4.2.0.2 are still labeled under old ownership, and everything thereafter is slysoft. Older versions are still circulating on the internet.

Cool! Thanks for the quick reply. So I would assume that the SlySoft product is going to be the most up to date?

Yes slysoft (new owners) version is latest
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