I'm after a new burner. What are the H10 drives like

I haven’t bought a new drive for a while so I’m thinking about picking up a H10, is this a good model?

Are there any tips or things to look out for with this model. What’s the difference between the various suffixes /A /N etc.


the 10 series is a good choice, The differences are mainly in the reading capabilities with the N having the edge without using MCSE, but you can crossflash H10A to H10N, the other model is the lightscribe H10L, Basically MCSE takes off the speed limitations, so its case of picking

Thanks for the info Puma. I’m building a new system this week, looks like I should go with the H10N for the burner.

Oh and most importantly, no psu issues reported with the H10x series of writers :slight_smile:

The H10 series seems very stable and reasonably fast too. I have had 3 LG writers and this is the joint best with the legandary 4163b but i also had a 4166 lightscribe that uses panasonic chipset not the reneses that the LG’s usually use and i seemed to have a lot of problems with the 4166 so i sold it and got this H10N, Not lightscribe but a good LG drive for sure. :clap: