I'm about to order Taiyo Yuden DVDs, help!




I’m about to order those from meritline.

Are those any good?



Yes, from the scans here in cdfreaks, TYG03 is a good one. However, TYG02 (8x DVD-R) can be burn at 16x in most 16x burners with excellent result.

Oops, you live in HI, shipping must be expensive. Alternatively you can wait until Sunday and see if CompUSA or other stores have TY on sale this weekend… since most likely meritline will ship on Monday anyway if you order it now. Check the bargain forum for ripit’s post every Saturday (hopefully).



Is that the 8x that burns at 16x? If not, can you point me to the right one?


Yup that is TYG02 but make sure your burner and firmware support it burning at 16x before you order. Which burner and firmware do you have? As for finding TY in the store, you might be able to find it but name brand relabels do seem more prone to defective discs (handled more, produced on a larger scale, ect.) that and not every store carries the MIJ discs. Virtually all of the stores in my area don’t carry MIJ DVD-R anymore. Not saying it isn’t worth looking into but I was just letting him know it isn’t a gaurantee to be able to find the re-lableled TY media. I for one would rather order from rima.com for that sort of media since their customer service and shipping is so much better. :wink: EDIT Just checked and it is about $1 cheaper to order from rima.com for the 8x Premium line TY. http://www.rima.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=R&Product_Code=1736-50



I have a Plextor 716SA and I’m not sure what firmware I’m running. I believe it’s 1.07.


You are in luck; the PX-716SA supports TYG02 at 16x at any firmware level.