I'm about to go insane



Hi new and all. I have an Emachine the T6412, yeah not the greatest computer I know. It comes with a cd burner and I’ve used Roxio easy cd/dvd creator and I’ve tried to use to Nero trial since roxio isn’t working.

When using nero, if I try to actually use to burn dvd instead of just the cd or super cd, it can’t recognize the movies format, but when I try to use the regular cd version, the cd’s just aren’t big enough.

I would really like to burn these 3 movies that I have for friends and 2 movies are children movies that I would like to give to my goddaughters, but so far nothing.

Maybe I’m an idiot I dunno but if someone would help me, that would be great! :flower:


[I]I’m about to go insane[/I]

You’ve come to the right place. No one will think you are in any way out of the ordinary.

You say your machine has a cd burner? If it is not a dvd burner as well, then it will not burn dvds…dvds use a different frequency laser than are used in cds.

As a general rule, most people would say not to use Roxio and Nero on the same machine. I’m not sure it is still a problem, but there have been reports of conflicts between the two in the past.

Let us know if the drive is actually capable of burning dvds, and we can go from there. Nero InfoTool is free to download and use. It will tell us a lot about your burner.


Yeah it is lol…probably should have mentioned that it can use regular dvd+/- r and dvd-rw

I was hoping that if the nero did work that I could get rid of roxio lol


Ok, then. What format are the movies in now? Are they regular dvds, like commercial dvds, or are they avi or mpeg4 or something similar?


All it says it windows movie


is the extension .wvm? windows movie is usually always .wmv


Open the video with Gspot Video Utility or MediaInfo. This will tell us the format of the movie, and the codecs used in making it. I find MediaInfo to be much easier to find the information though, and anyone new to this will too.




I don’t see it anywhere on the properties RCM


lol I’ve been downloading stuff all day heh

AVI: 702 MiB
1 video stream: MPEG-4 visual (DiVX 3 low)

Thats what it says


The reason we need the information is so we can tell which programs to recommend. If they are already dvd-video, it would mean one group of programs.

If they are video files in another format, I would recommend other tools.

I’m about to leave, so I’ll just lay out some tools to use. If the videos are already in dvd-video format, with Video_TS folders, then you can adjust their size to fit a dvdr with DVDShrink and burn to a disk with Nero. You can find DVDShrink and guides to using it at www.mrbass.org

If they are other formats, then you need to convert to dvd-video using AVStoDVD or DVDFlick. Both of these are free to download and use. Their output will be a dvd-video the correct size to fit a single layer dvd (default settings), which you can then burn to disk.

Google will tell you where to download AVStoDVD and DVDFlick.

Edit: Ok, you will want to convert this file you just posted if you want it to play in every dvd standalone player. As I said, DVDFlick or AVStoDVD should work for you.


Thank you so much Kerry

hopefully this will work


IMGBURN is free & good. But’s it’s only a CD/DVD/BDR writing program.

If you’re just looking at dumping your AVI on CD/DVD, then that’s your baby & you can uninstall both Roxio (Hallelujah!) & Nero.

If your avi file is 702MB’s, you will need an 80min/ 700MB CD and possibly require overburning.