I'm about to burst your bubble ND-3500 users



Dear Sir,

The only firmware that is about to be released in May (next month) is a
firmware update for the ND-3520A drive, NOT for the ND-3500A drive.

Thank you for contacting Tech Support,

Maurice Cobo
NEC Solutions America, Inc. OEM Technical Support.
Telephone: 1-801-401-1466
Email: oem.storage@necsam.com


Doesn’t matter what that communique says. Mr. Maurice Cobo’s statement is irrelevant.

The 2.R8 firmware for the ND-3500A does exist and if there is not a timely release by NEC, it will eventually find it’s way to the net.

Drip, drip, drip.

You know what I mean?


:stuck_out_tongue: I’m quite happily using the currently modified firmware on all my 3500 drives, I keep finding them cheap this past week (One for £20 and one for £28). Burning RiDisc 4x (Ritek G04) at 8x and Datasafe 8x (CMC Mag Ae1) at 12x


If they don’t want to release it, I think we should hammer with them with e-mail until they do releas it! Dildoids just want to sell more 3520s and hose the 3500 users to do so. I think if it doesn’t get released nex month, we nail them with e-mail until they block us. 10 per day per person ought to do it. Are you ready to give us the 2R8 frimware yet NEC??? If we request the firmware by name, and keep on it, I think we might get some where! :stuck_out_tongue:


If that’s their attitude, I think I won’t buy another NEC driver again.


any chance a firmware with pie/pif scanning would come out eventually for this drive?


I just called that toll free number and they told me they don’t have any plans to release any more f/w updates for the 3500A.




They will… don’t worry… =) We will get PI/PIF firmware for 3500… because there is one already… they just have to release it or somebody else will release it instead. =)


We don’t actually need a firmware from NEC themselves. :wink:
Maybe NEC has no plans for a new firmware, but Maddog does :stuck_out_tongue:


Unlikely that whoever made 2R8 did so not to use it :wink:


i hope you are right :smiley:


Maybe we should all start emailing maddog now…


My bubble is intact, thank you very much. I use the NEC for burning and I really need no testing for any of the media I burn on the NEC. My Liteon was never so ignored as when I did all my burning on the 3500. Burn, test, perfection, burn, test, perfection…it gets really boring after a while.


You have to love this MOD. :bigsmile:


I agree and my “bubble” will remain in tack. I want the firmware to improve
a perfect burner. I have a BenQ but I’d still like to cross check just for the fun
of it.:iagree::iagree:


If it is true that a working non-public beta exists with PIE/PIF scanning for the ND-3500, and NEC are refusing to officially release it, then I will never by another NEC drive; whether it is leaked in the future or not. How much money does NEC think we have to burn on every single drive they release? I’m sorry, but if NEC are going to employ their stupid “business” tactics on me, then I am going to be stupid towards them in return.


I used to be annoyed at NEC for their refusal to support any US drives because they were all sold as OEM. They never even had any US firmware. I eventually got over it and found that their 3500 was the best burner I had ever seen and it still is.

As odd as their concept of customer service is it is really no more obtuse than many other burner companies that still have no bitsetting, annoying riplocks, and a general lack of scanning support. Part of what makes these challenges so interesting is that there is always someone out there who will “fix” the bugs. And we get to be the few insiders that know how to make these things work in ways that the average consumer cannot.

There is still a rush when I get around anything that big brother says I shouldn’t do. Even if I don’t do the hacking, I know where to go to find it. Makes life worth living.


Very well put. Thank you.


Remember that Netboot’s attitude is his own. I doubt NEC would thank him for alienating customers.