Im a newbie and i need help



hi i have no clue on getting a dvd burner and software i would like to get the most reliable and recommended dvd burner just im on here to see cuz i dont wanna go out and buy one and then its no good plus the software too what do you guys recommend oh and would i need and external hard drive to thank you guys


First , you need to determine if your computer uses the older PATA type of drives or the newer SATA drives. You can download good free software off the internet.


how can i find out if i can use pata or sata


[QUOTE=sgarza817;2095926]how can i find out if i can use pata or sata[/QUOTE]

Check your mb manual if you don’t have it , google your mb make , it should indicate to you if it’s pata or sata … Once you know this , use " search " as lots of posts on which burner produces the best results depending on it’s usage / media used …