Im a newb and I need help

I just purchased my first dvd burner…a liteon 12x dual format burner…I chose liteon because I have had great luck with their line of burners in the past…I have a 16x cd burner…that burner came with a copy of nero just for that particular drive…it has worked great…

anyway the software bundle that came with the 12dvd burner was NOT nero rather sonic mydvd and Powerdvd…I need to make copies of my 2 sons dvd…they are scratching the snot out of them…last night I tried my first attemp at a backup and used the freeware dvd shrink…I followed the guide to a tee and had it encoded in my hdd.

Then I go to use sonic to make a backup and it says it does not support the file video_ts.vob…I gues my question to you people is what am i doing wrong and whats the best encoding utility and best burning software for making backups?

Like I said I am new so bear with my ignorance and thanks in advance


I think Sonic wants you to upgrade. My BenQ 1600 was the same with Record Now. You can get an OEM copy of NeroExpress 6 on pricegrabber for $6. It will burn DVD Videos.

Use dvd decryptor(freeware) along with shrink download here make an iso file with shrink and choose the option to burn with decrytor

or you could go to nero’s website and update you copy of nero’s database. This will most likely upgrade nero to support you new dvd burner…:slight_smile:


To my mind the easiest way is to use AnyDVD (takes care of the copy protection) and CloneDVD (copies/backups the DVD). After you have installed the software, reboot.
Put the old DVD in the burner, click on AnyDVD’s icon (the software will work in the backgound, you don’t have to do anything), . Click on CloneDVD’s icon and proceed with the one-click copy.

That is all. It is as simple as it seems.

It will take approximately 20 mins depending on the size of the movie of course.

Good luck.

Download the software here: