I'm a bit unclear on lightscribe

There’s all this talk about Labelflash and Lightscribe and their differences. What I’m unclear on is if Lightscribe can burn an image to the DATA side of a CD-R. I am under the impression it (Lightscribe) cannot burn the data side of DVD-R or +Rs, while Labelflash CANNOT burn the data side of CD-R’s and can only burn data side of DVD-R or +Rs. Now if I weren’t in the midst of moving, thus lacking any recordable CD-Rs at the moment, I would try it myself. Anyone?

For what I know the data side of the disc cannot be written by lightscribe or labelflash lasers. Data surface is only for data.

The only exception I know is a technique named “disc t@tu”, developed by Yamaha, that uses the unwritten data surface to create a fancy picture, but this works only if you don’t burn a full disc. If data surface of the disc is full of data, nothing can be written.

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& as LabelFlash is based on that it too will write to data side etc. LightScribe will not. :wink:

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Yes, but only on DVD media - not on CD-R media.

The original Disc T@2 could label the data side of CD-R media, but even though Labelflash includes (parts of) this technology, it will not label the data side of CD-R media.

Hi, Lightscribe cannot write on the data side of the disc, it uses a special chemcial coating develped by HP to write a full grayscale image on the non-data side. Labelflash on the other hand [B]can[/B] write an image on the data side of a CD and DVD. However, the CD data side does not have a nice dark dye color like a DVD, so the contrast that you get will be very minimimal if not nearly invisible (unless you angle it). As mentioned earlier, if you choose to put an image on the data side, the image will only appear where there is not data. So if you burned a CD or DVD that used up almost all its space or even half the space, the labelflash image will only be able to post an image on the remaining dye that wasn’t used by the data. That’s where lightscribe kicks in, if you have a full data side lableflash cannot create an image but lightscribe can use the special chemical coating to create a full grayscale image. Hope that answered your questions :slight_smile:

CRCLSPE, as DrageMester said LF can’t write CD data side.
The only way to do that is using Disc T@2 and the only way you can do it nowadays (as Yamaha doesn’t sell burners anymore) is buying the new CDR_RW burner from Plextor - the Premium 2, introduced just a couple of months ago.
And there are different ssside colour CDs, some of them can show you what you write using Disc T@2.
On label side, LF can be faster and show nicer results than LS, but this is something that depends a lot on your preferences.