I'm a bit lost here


Since this is my first post I’m figured it’s best for me to post it inthe Newbie section right away :wink:
I’m trying to find out which DVD+R DL media I should buy but I’m starting to get a bit confused by all the sections and “must read” threads as a first time user.

It’s good to see a db being created of tested media but the first problem I found was how to actually read the test results. Did I overlook something or isn’t there a “must read” thread about this? Sending and collecting test results is one thing but doing somthing with the result is something else :wink:

Also from the “How to Search the test forum” thread (http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=75572) I got pointed to the Media FAQ page (http://forum.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=61943) expecting to find a list of which brand name uses which media maker but this is not the case. The line states “See the Media FAQ to find out how to know who made your media.” but no list can be found there. Is there a list like this?

I’m in doubt about buying Verbatim 8,5 Gig DVD+R DL disc or Infiniti 8,5 Gig DVD+R DL. The last on is much cheaper (€37.95 ~ $49.32 for 5 discs vs. €46,50 ~ $60.43 for 10 discs) but from what I’ve “heard” Verbatim has a better reputation if it comes to quality.
How should I start my comparison now?
Form the fist thread I mentioned I know Mitsubishi is the media maker for Verbatim, but what about the media maker for Infiniti?
I found some DL media test results of Mitsubishi but how should I “read” the graphs? When does a graph “tell” you the media is any good? How can I see this?

When I finally have my media I’ll be happy to contrubute test results, though I’m afraid I have to do this with CDSpeed instead of KProbe since I’ve got a Plextor DVDR PX-716A. Nothing wrong with that, though KProbe seems to be the preferred program by the users of this forum :wink:

P.s. If you recommend me to buy a completely different media in the end, if it comes to quality and price you can also let me know :wink: Just keep in mind that it has to be send to the Netherlands though…

you see, it all depends on how fussy you are. and yes, it all gets so confusing that info overload becomes a major problem. me, i do not care less what media i buy or burn to. nor do i do PI/PO sacns of media tests or anything like that. i need a LIFE beyond all the DVD bulls**t ! suugest you try Plextor website and see if they have suggested media list for the Plextor DVDR PX-716A. also, i can tell you that the DVD burning WORLD are in LOVE with TAIYO YUDEN media - and for good reason, becuse it rules. but ridata and verbatim and maxell are all fine.

Prodoc81… First…let me say I do not have any experience with dula layer DVDs but here is what I know from burning about 400 CDs and 150 DVDs (single layer):

There are only a few manufactures of CDs and DVDs in the world …like about 3 or 4. And… while some “silver coated”, “blue coated”, “black coated”…etc may be better than the other… they all compare favorably with one another. …that is… if the best is “valued” at 1.00 (based on consistency of manufacturer, longevity of 30-40 years, scratch resistant, reflective coating good, etc… ) then the worst one will valued in my mind at about 0.85. That said, I usually buy the cheapest DVD, or CDs to burn. Most of which, when burned successfully, will outlast the current state of the market “player” technology. i.e. VHS tapes are now dying on the vine… that technology is now about 20 years old.

So… why pay 50% more for another DVD brand when the cheaper one will do just fine? Also… I recommend buying R/W +R format …that way, if your copy turns out bad, then you can reburn it. A few drawbacks exist with R/W medium…they burn slower and… not all DVD players read them.

If you need more info on the coating technology…then search the web and read the threads. a good start point is:

DVD De-mystified… http://www.dvddemystified.com/dvdfaq.html

other sites.

Hope that helps.

A side note. Verbatim DL+R’s have a much higher success rate, and playback ability than others. Some cheaper DL’s have layer separation issues on some dvd players.
All you can do is, buy some media, do a burn, see if it works.
If you’re going to do comparisons, use the EXACT same project to burn different media.
Remember that at the end of all this, YOUR player may be fine (or not) on one media, and anothers may be fine (or not) on the same, or different media.
End result: buy what works on YOUR player, and forget trying to persuade others that it’s the best, because it’s only the best for you, and not necessarily anyone else.