I'm a bit confused (of the legal aspect of...)

I’m a bit confused of the legality of bit torrents. Are they legal, or not? A friend told me that it’s not. I looked at the other posts, but found nothing that satisfied my question. Maybe this is an idiotic question…

They are legal to the extent of what you actually share. Sharing non-copywritten files is legal. Sharing copy-written things, is illegal.

ok, that’s what i was thinking. thanks.

the one exception to this, of course, is when you own the copyright…

Does this mean demonoid is illegal?

It all depends on what torrent you are downloading, if its copyrighted, its illegal, if its a program you may own like Nero, ( they have a free torrent for people who want to download). I think we all know the drill.:wink:

Strictly speaking, any original work is copyrighted by default without the creator having to explicitly state that it is copyrighted.

Even fan movies, that are distributed freely and free of charge, are copyrighted - but the creators have explicity given permission to distribute the movie freely.

Copyrighted works such as e.g. movies and music, where the creators did NOT give permission to distribute, can not legally be downloaded through torrents or any other unauthorized distribution method. This would include almost all commercial movies and music.

In other words, it’s not the technical method of distrbution that determines legality, but rather whether there’s a copyright and whether the copyright holder has given permission to distribute.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer

[QUOTE=wazzy;2064156]Does this mean demonoid is illegal?[/QUOTE]

^ said with partial sarcasm :stuck_out_tongue:

it is legal…I think…:):):slight_smile:

In other words, unless you can track down the permission, it’s not entirely above board… However, you’ve got your own choices to make