I'm a bit confused about Taiyo Yuden!

i’m in Europe and i was lloking for Taiyo Yuden DVD+R or DVD-R 8X [Does DVD-R 8x exsist?].

Well, when i checked manufatured info on variuos stores i read there are different media:

  • T01/00
  • T01/01
  • T02/00

Which one should i try to buy ? And do you know good stores here in Europe where i can buy TY? Also in USA stores that ship internationally arewelcome…but i’d need real TY !

Thanks a lot for your help

T01 is 4x; the 00 and 01 refer to revisions. T01/01 can be burned at 8x on many burners. T02/00 is native 8x.

So there isn’t any diffrence about quality i just have to try to buy cheapest here in Europe, right?

Depends on your burner and firmware. Some 8x and above burners will burn T01 at 8x some do not. the T02 is guaranteed 8x burn. Quality on all the disks you mentioned is excellent.

If the price is same, go for T02. Some may prefer T01/01.
But even T01/00 should be excellent for most burners.

The above codes are for +R media. TY -R media has codes such as TYG01 and TYG02. G01 is 4x, G02 is 8x certified but again overspeed burning is very commonly allowed for TY media. Just check your burner and firmware before you buy them if you’re interested in fast burning. Otherwise buy the cheapest one. But… recently fake media with TY -R codes are reported. As long as you buy “real” TY media it should be as good as +R. I haven’t seen TY +R fakes so it may be safer to buy those.

Well i’m located in Italy and in Europe it’s hard find TY for less than 1€ each…at least that’s best price i found until now.
I’ve a Plextor 712A with original firmware

Anyway also before posting here i would have preferred get DVD+R; now after reading what you told about some fake TY-R i definitely will look for that one.

Thanks a lot for your help,guys