ILO DVDR05 identification?



I just purchased an Ilo dvdr05 from wal-mart for $98. The unit seems wonderfull, haven’t had any trouble with it except it gets awefully hot so had to sit it up on legs.

Anyway, I read on the forums that there is 2 models, a zu and a mu and possibly a 3rd mu1 unit. My box simply is labeled ‘dvdr05’

Could you please tell me how to identify which model I have beyond this label.

for recording options I have… 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8hr formats.




ok after pratically having to pull out a magnifying glass i found the mu on a very small barcode on the side of the box



You have the secobnd model. There is a later MU1. The newer unit has supposedly fixed issues with the earlier two models.