ILO DVD05R/MU Remote

I did do a search and can’t find anything solid about a replacement remote. What other remote will work with this unit. I have a universal remote but can’t seem to find a correct code. From my search this is a common problem.

I only paid 5.00 for the unit it was on the clearance rack for this DVD.

Also if there isn’t a replacement, is there a way I can format the DVD+r on my computer so it will not ask to format on the DVDR05?

I’m not sure whether this is correct. A +R shouldn’t need formatting before recording; either on a PC or a standalone.

If you mean a +RW, then perhaps it’s better to keep discs specifically for computer or DVD recorder so that no cross-formatting is required.

Hmm… I will try another +R but the ones that I’m using or trying to use keeps telling me to format.

I have this unit too. I can’t record without formating first. I found this link, last resort!