ILO DVD Recorder Problems

I just joined the forum and was wondering if someone could point me to some help with my ilo. Heres my problem, The recorder records about an hour then pauses itself. Another time it records for an hour and fifteen minutes and a display came up that says disc error. Attempted a third recording and got about fifteen minutes into the process and another disc error came up.

I’ve owned two of these Ilo DVDRO5 units and have had problems with both of them. I ran off about 10-15 recordings with the first unit with no problems and then it started having problems, so I got a new one with the above issues.

my recording speed is set to 4 hrs. I have a vcr/dvd combo attached via the video #1 imput a Direct TV via the video #2 input and the video out going to the TV. All connection are being made with RCA jacks. I am also using imation DVD+R on every recording.

Any help is appericated Thanks

Be sure to use the suggested media and record in two hour mode if available! Update your FW at the manufacturers site if available!
If all else fails take it back and get a higher end model!

The ILO05 is notorious for problems. I’d take it back and get a different brand altogether.

I hate to say this but the cheaper ones do not do very well so far!

yep, cheapie…

I just tried to burn some stuff and the recorder would not recognice the media. Going back to Walmart tomorrow. I bought one of the Phillips DVD recorders about 3 yrs ago and then sold it hoping prices would come down so I could “get more bang for the buck” lol oh well… Thanks folks I look forward to learning and sharing here on the forums.

I’ve been in video editing and video production for about two or three years now. Produced some local sports show for the local cable station around here. Really enjoyable

Anybody try the Liteon models? I saw one at meijers for about 150 usd the other day, like the brand name and it’s in my price range, rather than piping through my pc with this v-stream card.

I have a LiteOn 5005. I like it. I paid $119.00 for mine from If you’re planning on hacking it, mine hacked OK, I got region free and the 3 hour mode, but the macrovision didn’t become disabled. I prefer using my PC’s burner for backing up discs though so it didn’t really matter to me that it didn’t disable it.

my ilo was produce in November 2005 do you think there is any new firmware?

I have the 5005! It is a cheap in all ways and works so far! But they have had a ton of drives failures with customers installing their own drives to fix it! See the posts in this forum!
I would stay clear of the 5005 and get a Pioneer or higher end brand! remember Liteon makes alot of Sony products!

The ILO05 should have a firmware update at their website, but the ILO05 doesn’t have a hack available. Only the ILO04 can be hacked. Go to their website and look around. They probably have it. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t fix your problem though. I think your best bet will b to buy a different brand altogether.

I think the Walmart ILO’s are Lite-ons.

Bummer etp and MysticEyes, was thinking to go with a stand alone, but i Have the vstream card. Perhaps I’ll just stick with the home built pc/dvr solution then. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip on the LiteOn stand alone…:slight_smile:

The DVDR05 switched to another manufacturer other than Lite-On. There are two versions of the DVDR05. There are two versions the ZU and the MU. The ZU is junk, and was replaced by the MU1. There is no firmware upgrade for the MU1. Since yours Jason was produce just 2 months ago, I would assume it is the better MU1.

They are picky on their media. Verbatim brand is the best way to go. They recommend this brand, even though others are on their compatible list. I use Fujifilm DRD+R/RWS in mine with no problems.

Many people have had excellent luck with this recorder. Unfortunately, many people have also had terrible luck. So far mine is performing perfectly, with none of the problems people have reported.

The DVDR05 switched to another manufacturer other than Lite-On.

Even worse, as I believe those are actually made by Cyberhome.

Is there an “MU” and an “MU1”? I’m seeing different places that there are both. Mine has MU1 no where on it. I See the MU plainly displayed. Firmware on the unit matches what is at the iLo site.