Illustrated guide to copying SecuROM 7 *with RMPS emulation*

This backup method defiantly works with SecuROM up to version 7, and works with all previous versions of SecuROM.

The only tool you will need to make a emulated copy is Alcohol 120%, so first download and install the latest (trial) version from HERE. You will need to make sure you have the latest version, many older versions are blacklisted by SecuROM so the game won’t start with it installed. This guide was written using version 1.9.5 (build 3105).

Because it is a emulated copy you will need to have Alcohol (or Daemon Tools) installed on the computer you wish to play your backup from.

  1. Insert the original SecuROM protected CD into the drive you wish to read it from, then launch Alcohol 120%.

  2. Click on “Copy Wizard”.

  3. Select the drive you wish to read the original CD from.

  4. Select the “Securom *NEW (4.x/5.x)” Data type

  5. Set the speed down to 4x. It should work on faster speeds, but it is probably best to set it on a slower speed just to be safe.

  6. Once all options are correct, click “Next”.

  7. Select where you wish to save the image to temporarily. It will be deleted after a copy has been burned. So you need to have at least 1GB free space on the hard drive. The Desktop is usually a good location to choose.

  8. Select the burner you wish to use to burn back to, it can be the same as the drive you are reading from, or it can be different.

  9. Then select the lowest recording speed you can, again, it should work with faster speeds, but it is better to be safe and select a slower speed.

  10. Check the box “Delete image file after recording”. This will delete the image made temporarily to where you specified it to be saved.

  11. The data type should automatically be set to “Securom *NEW (4.x/5.x)”. If not then you will need to change it to that. Once all the settings are correct as shown, click “Start”.

  12. It will launch the “Data Position Measurement” window. Set the speed to 1x.

  13. Click “OK” to start reading the disc.

  14. It will start the reading first by doing the DPM analysis; this should take around 5-10 minutes.

  15. It will then go on to read the main data, this should take around 5 minutes.

  16. One the read is completed it will prompt you to insert the blank CD-R.

  17. Once completed click “OK”.

  18. Click “Finish” to return to the main Alcohol 120% screen.

  19. Click on the “Emulation” options.

  20. Change the options so only “Ignore Media Type” and "RMPS (Recordable Media Physical Signature) functions are checked.

  21. Once the options are correct click “OK”.

  22. Exit Alcohol 120%.

  23. Start your SecuROM protected game. If it does not work the first time you try re-insert the disc and try again.

Hope this helps some people. Feel free to email/PM me with any comments or problems you have when using this guide.

Ben :slight_smile:

Great guide Ben. :clap: :smiley:

I’ve corrected a minor omission and copied it to the tutorial section.

Cheers philamber.
What was the minor omison btw?
I just spotted another one.

  1. Change the options so only “Ignore Media Type” and "RMPS (Recordable Media Physical Situation) functions are checked.
    should be…
  2. Change the options so only “Ignore Media Type” and "RMPS (Recordable Media Physical Signature) functions are checked.

I don’t know why I put Situation instead of Signature… oh well. I guess it is my fault for not proof reading enough.

Amended your post to indicate that Daemon Tools can be used to play RMPS back-up copy even if alcohol not present on the system.

Have fixed the typo in para. 20 as requested in both copies of the thread.

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Actually removed the entire original thread at Ben’s request. Needless to say, your post pointing out an error that Ben corrected in his replacement thread went with it.

Okay, this threads looks the same as the deleted one.

My post wasn’t only about the error, I also told him: good job!! :clap: :iagree:

well, this was the way i first tried to backup GTA:SA (DVD) a while ago - SecuROM 7.x - and the backup disc did not work. authentification just failed.
i had to fall back to play from a v-drive using (in my case) anti-blaxx to avoid blacklisting…
btw: nice (big) pictures… :wink:

I probably should have mentioned it was only for CD, I thought that it would be apparent when I originally talked about “inserting the SecuROM protected CD”. Yes the pictures are big ( but no bigger than 786x604). But I have found that for very new users it avoids allot of confusion. I was getting tired of making everything viewable on a 800x600 screen (who uses 800x600 now anyway?). So I decided to leave the pictures as long as this page viewed fine on a 1024x768 screen (probably the smallest most users have). Daemon tools can also emulate RMPS, but I wanted more people to support Alcohol :wink:

The reason why I rushed to put it out was that I had the whole guide on my computer for some time now, but hadnt got around to formatting, writing the intro, and posting it. Then somebody on the forum was asking about RMPS backups so I thought I would just post my guide. I think I rushed posting it though, and did not proof read enough.

Cheers again for updating the other small mistake (must proof read more I know). And no offence meant to Namoh on having his post deleted.

Ben :slight_smile:

Seems no-one uses BlindWrite anymore?
Not taken. :wink:

<— me still using, good old 4.5.7 + plex. premium :iagree:
but only for securom new cd

Why not make a guide for that?

because it’s too simple :wink: the only ‘critical’ is making a good .bwa, which i personally do with dpm from alcohol, converting with the .bwa-builder from bw457 which brings perfect results…

EDIT: on the other hand, everyone who spent so much money (compared to other CD-burners) for a Plex Prem. should know WHY and HOW … :iagree:

all right… point proven :o

So is this guide from Ben (@Ben, don’t take this the wrong way) for you and me, but not for 90% of the people that don’t come here/visit CDFreaks recently. :disagree:

If you tell them: make a good .bwa with dpm from alcohol and than convert it with the .bwa-builder they go

If I had a Premium I would have made the guide myself (how long does it take? 2 hours max?).

Maybe Ben has a Premium… :rolleyes:

if you really want one, i could make it, of course, but it will maybe take a day or two (or three), 'coz i need to find enough time for it… :wink:
at least i could start making screenshots for it today (when i come home in 11 hours) :iagree:

Don’t do it for me, do it for all the people that don’t have a … clue. :iagree:

I never said this guide was technical, this and the SafeDisc guide are for the complete newbie.

Ben does. Shall I write the guide?
Would it just be using BlindWrite, or also the tweakers+custom BWA etc?

Ben :slight_smile:

well, you can do it :wink:
IF i would do it, i’d make a guide for BW457 + Alcohol (for the ‘.bwa’), NOT BW5, as i don’t use it and compared to BW457 it’s more complicated to do a straight SecuROM + Premium-Burn… no tweaker needed for 457 and so on…