Illustrated guide to copying SafeDisc 4 *with emulation*

This method defiantly works with SafeDisc up to version 4, and works with all previous versions of SafeDisc.

The only tool you will need to make a emulated copy is CloneCD, so first download the latest version from HERE. It is essential you have the latest version, as many older versions are blacklisted by SafeDisc so he game won’t start with it installed. This guide was written using version

If you are using the trial version, you will still be able to play copies you made using the emulation before it expired, you will just not be able to burn any more copies.

  1. Launch CloneCD.

  2. Click “I Agree” to the warning message if you agree with its terms.

  3. Once open, you should see this.

  4. Go to “File> Copy CD…”, or just click on the picture of the two disks.

  5. Now select the drive you wish to read from.

  6. Select the “Protected PC Game” profile, then click “Next”.

  7. Check the box “Delete after successful Write” and click “Next”.

  8. Select the drive you wish to burn to (for this guide use the same as the drive as you are reading from). Click “Next” one done

  9. It will then start reading the original disk. For most burners it will start reading very slow (could be up to one hour to read the first few percent). It may appear it has not made any progress at first, and so many users think there is something wrong. However the slowness at the beginning is completely normal, after about 5% it will speed up drastically (to the full read rate of your burner). Just be patient, there is nothing wrong, it is slower at the start because this is the protected part of the disk.

  10. One it has done reading it will prompt you to insert the blank disk to write to.

  11. Then ask you for the setting to burn with, leave the write speed on “Max” (as it is a emulated copy the read/write speed doesn’t matter). Then select the “Protected PC Game” profile. Then press “OK” to start the burn.

  12. It will then start the burn. Whilst it is writing the disk, don’t have any programs running in the background that use allot of power (games, DVD players, graphics/video editors etc.)

  13. One it has played the lovely music to let you know it has made a copy correctly click “OK”.

  14. Exit CloneCD

  15. In the Taskbar there should be a greyed out sheep, right click it, and check “Hide CDR Media”. This will enable the emulation for you to play the game.

  16. It should have then become orange, if so the emulation has been enabled successfully.

  17. Insert your newly made copy into any drive, and try and start the game…

Good luck, and feel free to email/PM if you have any problems or ways I could improve the guide.

Ben :slight_smile: