Illusion DVD+R 8x (MCC 003)

Hi, I just spotted some very cheap 8x media at, does anyone have any experience with it? I also wondered if they were fake MCC 003, sinnce the price seems to be too good to be true…

Okay, since noone here seems to know I gave the shop a call. It seems they are fakes, but are supposed to be good quality though.

Shame, I allmost thought I found some piss cheap MCC 003 disks.

Thanks for posting the result of your phone call, I was about to go crazy on a huge order for these.
Too bad they are an 'Illusion" after all. Pretty weird of the shop to tell you they are fakes, and then not to change their info on the website!

I think cdfreaks does list it under the comments these days.
Yeah I would have prefered if they allready had a mark directly to MCC003 saying it’s not made by Mitsubishi or a official Mitsubishi liscenced manufacturer.