Illicit MP3 trader curbed by copyright hotline



I just posted the article Illicit MP3 trader curbed by copyright hotline.

In the UK another professional pirate has been caught. The police found a computer with CD-RW drives and they seized a collection of 300 MP3 CD’s, 300 videos CD’s and also they found evidence that…

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If you sell the stuff you should go to jail…


I agree 100% its not right to sell anything pirated. This kind of thing really throws the community into a bad spotlight. - ugh! soon they will go after home users on WinMX… I hope to never see that happen!


lol - He didn’t have that much stuff. I got more than him. Only difference is mine is for me. I dont sell my shit!


How do they know all those CD’s are illegal copies? I thought you can have backups of your CD’s!? SO what if he doesnt have any of the originals because they were scratched up really bad and thrown out? In my opinion they caught a man with nothing more than legal backup copies and suspicion of piracy ("operating quiet on word of mouth)… They also have to look at how they even got information on this and how the courts allowed the police to enter his home and search it… They make it seem like he was burning out 1000’s of CD’s and selling them like a factory… Just think that shit like this can happen to any one of us… All it takes is for some bogus call to that Copyright Hotline and the police are knocking down your door and if they even see any burned CD’s along with blank CD’s they are going to assume they were obtained illegally and that your are selling them… I myself have a long list of MP3’s and video CD’s along with backup copies of games and software… I can easily see if the police were to come to my house how this all my look like Im doing something illegal…


LMAO That’s because you are Hypnosis. As are most of the visitors to this site. The only difference from him is that most of us just do it for ourselves. We dont try to make a profit off of other people’s hard work. I admit getting the songs for free is wrong, but it’s no where near as wrong as trying to then make profit off them when we did absolutely nothing to deserve us making any money. EVEN the record industry deserves the money more than pirates as they actually do do some work. Pirates do NONE.


It’s good to hear this “bad horse” in the community to be arrested for selling things illegally.


Music is for your EARS , not for your wallet!!