"Please next time make you sure you ask help with legally obtained materials, you are having problems with an illegal download, with which we cannot help you.

Please respect CD Freaks by respecting our rules!"

Can some one fill me in on this

Reread the rules they are there for a reason.

The Rules:

Reminder of the Rules:

  1. If you had read the rules, you would have known that we recommend contacting the respective admin/mod whose decision you dispute and not start a thread on the issue
  2. In your case you did both…
  3. Since you brought the discussion out in public, I will reply in public as well, for all to see

In your original thread you showed your log of a file you had problems with. One particular bit I would like to quote below:

C:\Users\ITS ME\Documents\Newsbin Download\gaMES\Spore (2008)\rld-spor.iso

I could be wrong of course, but if you download an ISO with Newsbin, especially a copyrighted game like Spore which is a recent release, to me this means with 99.99% certainty that this is an illegal download.

By requesting help on an illegal download, you broke the clear and simple rules of this forum. By breaking the rules of this forum, you showed no respect for CD Freaks. Starting this discussion in public did not really help you either.

We are tolerant in many ways and like to help people, but we have strict rules to avoid any (legal) issues. If you would like to stay and add in a positive way to this forum, you are more than welcome to, but I expect you to read our rules and abide by them.

+1 to ‘Da Taxman’

cause he’s nice about it, unlike alot of other forums out there that are ‘power hungry’ (i.e. ban happy) … cause he said it in a nice way and was ‘fair’ with people before taking any extreme actions.

+1 to cdfreaks.

just some thoughts.