Illegal? where?

OK, i hear many guys are caught downloading movies, music…

after years using the net, I have not found one server offering me music or movies to download?all i got it s viagra and stuff like that…(including porn s…t)

so what is the problem with copyrights…
I bet that noone of u can give me a link to download free movies…

Finding servers to download from isn’t hard…you just have to know where to look.

However, these sites need money too, so they are often stacked with popups and dialers…if not spam on registration emails…

I don’t know any links to legal sites that offer free downloads. Links to free download sites with copyrighted materials are not allowed on this forum, so I assume you were not requesting those (although I love to ban people over requesting illegal downloads…been a few days already :wink: )

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well if ya stopped downloading porn ya wouldn’t get the ads for viagra

I could give ya link…but you have to buy a lifetime supply of Viagra and Cilas…first to gain access… :bigsmile:

If everybody stopped downloading Porn the Internet would collapse and 75% of the software people would be put out of work. So in the interests of keeping people employed Porn must be downloaded. I wonder for people in their 80’s how much Viagra is a lifetime supply?

my first question was based on my curiosity only.
so I guess, people who download illegaly movies or music, are really looking for9and for troubles). there is no way to download illegal stuffs by mistake.(huh, mr the juge, I didnt know!!!)

it is amazing to see the quantity of porn on the net. i just have to type any word, and I have everything related to the word I have typed…
I dont juge anybody, but where do we go???

To be honest, I find it equally shocking you could miss them. IMO, it’s not even a matter of knowing where to look either, since typing any p2p related keyword in google would yield hundreds of viable results. The only valid explaination would be a case of severe dyslexia or manipulating reverse psychology to goad someone into wasting their 3mins that you couldn’t be bother be spend yourself.

Seriously, perform a quick google search & post back here saying that you couldn’t find anything. (don’t post the link, just whether you found anything)

There are many, illegal p2p sites out there claiming to have legal authority to desseminate copyrighted media to people, whilst all their doing it’s linking to others’ illegal servers, so yes it is possible to make mistakes. But I’d assume a least 85% of filesharers realize they are participating in illegal activity regardless of what legal authority the site claims to have.

I have found some websites recently, but they ask for money to download…
so it is not legal to download copyright musics, and they want money after that???limited to 2-3 gig a month, where do you go with that? it is not even a movie…

all I found is some musics (maybe 2-3 songs) on some privat websites.but I have not seen these uge databank of 1700 movies, 3500 songs, free download for everyone.

In the other hand, I have found very easily DVD decripter and DVD shrink to make"legal" copies!

now I have a concern about to be track with my IP.the best way for someone who want to download illegal stuff, is to go on a open connection or in a public library where they dont controll the name of their PC users.

Years ago, some guys have banned me from a server(they found from where I was sending my messages). I wanted see how fast they can catch me. it took 2 weeks only.
So I suppose that anyone going on these illegal servers can be easily tracked and prosecuted…??

There are varied opinions on it’s effectiveness, but PeerGuardian or Protowall are capable of blocking most of the copyright owning companies IPs from connecting to your PC thus preventing them obtaining your IP. Being in Europe, you have a slight advantage that US prosecutions are minimal here in comparison to the USA. Even then you have to consider, as a filesharer(I know your not) your a single grain of a sand in desert or peers, where only a handful of granules are actually prosecuted. The anti-piracy campaign ibeing fought recently is about scaremongering the joe public, not about abolishing filesharing, as that is an impossible task, IMO.

Searching google including the word “lite” with a related p2p related keyword will likely return most non-paying, non-spyware ridden applications & servers. I really can’t say anything further, it’s really difficult to miss them IMO, even the entirely free ones.

i found a pretty cool “legal” music, dvd and video game swapping site. Take items for .99 cents!

theres not a lot of things on the site, but maybe soon there will be.

that is i have to say

The user agreement: Note the part I highlighted…

These are not legal transfers, so it’s similar to a BT Tracker’s underlying legal exemption, which of course have been shutdown regardless of whether they hosted illegal content or merely acted as a proxy for media transfers.

Shame really, because it’s such an clever, seemingly legal & reasonable(IMO) business venture to trade items for one another.

not sure what that means. there has to be a transfer of ownership but i thingk swaprocks is not involved. they are just the bus ride to the store. the items are not going from person to swaprocks to person.

right? i really dont know

That’s exactly spot on. However, just as BT tracker’s didn’t actually transfer files from person-to-tracker-to-person, but they were considered to be aiding users to commit piracy. So when people trade these item without the legal authority to do so, they could be considered as aiding the perpetrators in illegal transfers of items.

It proabably will stay legal for the time being, I’m just mentioning there’s already a recent precedence for this kind of illegal trading aimed at the proxies themselves as your no doubt well aware, ala loki & Nova.

BTW, I really like swaprocks business initiative, but if it became popular I’m sure the major corporations would demand their slice of the pie or force the infringing proxy into closure.

hold on,

so i understand if u dont protect ur IP, and someone “hack” ur coonection, u could be proisecuted for something u didnt do.
in my town, i can find hundred of free privat connection, i guess in a big town like new york, u can catch 10-50 connections if u live in one of these big building.

I rememebr of a stupid movies, the passion of the christ…they ve beat a guy to death in public.did it work?, Nooooo!

Imagine they find you with a smoking gun, next to a luke-warm corpse. You just picked up the gun, but didn’t kill the person. How you gonna proof it?

if i give you my pearl jam CD because Im done with it or whatever. If you take that and mint out 100 copies and sell it on the street corner, your saying Im partly responsible? I think people should be held responsible for their own actions. Naturally, if I gave you a burned copy, thats against the rules. I think the law states if I own Pearl Jam and its in my CD player at home and burn a copy to listen in my car, if I give up ownership of my Pearl Jam to you, I have to give you both copies. That was a long sentence

This has happened before, but I believe it’s a rarity(AFAIK), so I wouldn’t worry about that. There are numerous methods like IP spoofing, or more commonly, installing a trojan on your PC to route traffic through it, so the hacker can use your PC as a go between to for malicious purposes, sometime the hacker will route through serveral PCs. Incidentallly, I doubt enough, if any hackers IP’s are included in the Peer Guardian/Protowall blocklists to prevent hackers from connecting to you, so those apps are unlikely to protect you from the said threats. Average security apps like anti-trojans, anti-virus, anti-spyware will give you adequate protection, unless someone goes really out there way to break your defenses, which again is a rarity.

Sorry, I don’t understand what your saying here?
EDIT: Hold on, Now I do… :iagree:

I completely agree with you, I’m just saying they have successfully argued(in court) that they don’t agree. Proxies are now being held accountable for others’ actions.

This is what’s important about that, they are arguing that it is also the responsibilty of the proxy to ensure that the transfer of your Pearl Jam CD are mantained to be entirely legal, i.e that you don’t keep a copy for yourself. You would think as you mentioned above, that “people should be responsible for their own actions”, but alas they’re winning the battles in court. This sucks major arse for every freedom of information zealot.

[/QUOTE]It’s has just occured to me, that this thread from a “CD Freaks Guru” member answers your questions & provides you with all the pertinent p2p details you could possibly need. If I’ve made a mistake linking there, I sincerely apologise and willingly accept my post should be deleted. :wink: :bow:

Start reading from: “What kind of music network (sharing) programs are there ?” The CDFreaks Thread
It neglects to mention THE best, large file distributer around, but you get the idea. :wink:

I didnt ask anything, I said: I bet…
I lost my bet!!!