Illegal TOC



I tried to copu a cdrom that has an illegal TOC. I use the latest NERO with the setting "ignore illegal TOC".
My cdrom player (ATAPI)stops reading at 98 percent of the cdrom.
The writer (Matshita/Panasonic 7502, SCSI)doesn't manage to read the cdrom at all.

What do you suggest? Windows 98, 64 mb ram



Try read it with your cdwriter


Well that’s probably gonna be difficult since he said, it didn’t read the cdrom at all.

You should get new drivers or firmware for your writer because it should atleast be able to read the cd.

Good luck,


Well, I tried to upgrade my firmware, but I got the message that I first need to install an Aspi Manager. I haven’t managed to find one, not even on the Adaptec site. Any idea what to do now?



Install an ASPI manager means that you have to install the DOS drivers for your SCSI card.


I see. They same not to have been provided with the scsi card, and I have not been able to locate them on the Adaptec site. But I did find some new (not DOS) drivers and I will try if it helps.



mmmmm, Strange
I’ve got the same writer, use the same pgm (Nero or Discjuggler), but i’ve never had any problem. And i use old drivers and Firmware. May be you should try another pgm, like DJ or something else. But i don’t believe the problem comes form the drivers or Firmware.