Illegal software & Jesus

I just posted the article Illegal software & Jesus.

Oneway has an article about illegal software among christians.


Meeste christenen niet eerlijk met software

AMERSFOORT '“ Christenen op Internet kopié«ren op grote schaal…

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This is an intersting bit,
" He often copyed illegal software and used -longer then permitted- shareware software." Now he is regretfull and destroyed all the softwares. Ya, right buddy!! thats why you have been using the shit a lot longer than normal and more often than once! conscience my ass!!!

RELIGION HAS NOTING TO DO WITH THIS. You are what you are and can make decision purely on our own accord and thats that.
I wish they stop this pitifull bullshit about consience and temptation, and all other shit like that.

I copy software cause its agains my religion to pay for it, atleast this is what my consience tells me !!!

Fuck christians
Fuck jesus
Fuck religion

god doesn’t exist and so religion is just source of conflicts.
Men that practice religions rites are just pitiful

just my point, sorry if i hurted some poeple

the only religion is speedcore musik

Hi, my first post here.

I think people are entitled to practice whatever religion they want as long as it doesn’t harm anybody else.

For example, the Israli - Palestine conflict…that is one example of religion fucking things up big time!


ik wed dat Jezus zijn handen vol heeft aan andere serieuze problemen die er al 3000 jaar zijn, zoals die palestina´s die elkaar de koppen af knallen. Niet aan een paar kleine jongetjes als ons die enorme bedrijven 3% minder winst laten maken. En trouwens, dat kopié«ren is nog geen 5 jaar serieus aan de gang. FUCK THOSE WHO ARE TRYING TO INVOLVE RELIGION INTO ILLEGAL SOFTWARE!

What if you COPY that car from the showroom, is that allowed???

Stealing isn’t the same as copying you know!!!

The softwaredevelopers better listen to their own conscience, especially those that create crappy soft (about 90% of them)

R0bby, ik ben anders al 20 jaar bezig hoor!

Bill Gates thinks he’s God…If we copy Windows, do we also go to hell ?

Gates THINKS he’s god, but he really is as evil as the fucking pope.
I don’t believe in heaven, but I know there is Hell and we all live in it!!!

One question? how come there is no consience when millions of dollars in the name of charity goes missing in Vatican every fucking year!who the fuck feels sorry then!

We burn the shit cause we like it, infact we do it just to piss of consiencious fuck heads who try to mix religion with pitiful issues like this. Oooo, what a rush !!!

you’re saying stealing a car in a showroom is like copying cd. and what about selling games or progs with so many bugs , that we can t use them .it s also stealing .because they steal money to people on the whole earth !!!

Gates, is the smart one here I think, not that I’m a fan. But he did corner the market with a OS which could becopied by the biggest lamer!
I think this is why Micro$oft is the biggest.

Hi, my first also.
If I would receive 1 penny for each human killed in the name of some God,
I would be Gates II
(moneywise that is)

i am from the UK

in the uk 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of people do not believe in god unlike america where the whole place is full of loonies (not all of u by any means, sorry

debate does not exist!