Illegal request error with Plexwriter 52/24/52A

Hi all
Could not having DMA enabled cause the problem below?
I ask because I am having a problem with my writer that randomly results in an error at the end of the burn. The code Ilegal request (code 052c00) is happening during the writing of the lead out. I have upgraded the firmware to the newest version offered on your site (v1.03). Also I swapped out the IDE cable and made sure it’s connection is secure.

This only seems to happen when using Plextools Professional V2.11burning CD-ROM DAO (happens at all speeds) with all other apps shutdown. Media has ranged from Imation (this batch from CMC Magnetics), Verbatim DataLifePlus, Maxell (Riteks) and Maxell Music (TY). All discs are 700mb and overburning is not attempted as it is not on. Buffer underrun protection is ON. PC has 256 mb RAM running Win98SE. I have not seen this happen with any app other than Plextools.
I have downloaded and installed the newest ASPI files.

I’ve also emailed support but with this being a weekend I fire I won’t hear anything until sometime next week.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


It’s dead now.

You say DMA is not ebabled for your drive? I cannot say of this is causing the problem but have you tried enabling it? It should always be enabled since else the drive will not function very well. Or have your disabled DMA for a reason?


I had never disabled it and decided to try it for a day and it made no difference in the performance of the burner.

Now the burner will read no discs and the activity light is staying AMBER.

I’m thinking that it was dying all along with those errors I was getting.

My other burner (in same pc) is a Sony CRX-230 and it does DMA enabled. It hasn’t given me any trouble at all. (knocking on particleboard).