Illegal Request Error Also

I have upgraded to winxp and have Nero installed along with InCD 3.21. When attempting to format a CDRW disk, I receive the following error message:Illegal Request Error Occured
Reboot your system or drive and try again. Insert a new disk.[00a8-0005-002c-0000]
These are the latest updates form Nero so I know that’s not the problem. If direct Cd in XP is the problem, then how do I disable it. It is not located in the add remove programs. Before I installed Nero and InCD I ran EzCD creator along with direct Cd and also received an Illegal request error. :confused:

The solution to my error message was to switch to another brand of CDRW disks. The disks that I was trying to format were Memorex 700MB 80 min. I switched to the FujiFilm CDRW 650MB 74min. disks and have not had any problems formating CDRW disks. :smiley:

Remember to disable IMAPI

Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services/IMAPI…right click & choose disable. Nero starts a little quicker too.