Illegal or realy not

my thoughts are as follows.
i can listen to virtualy any song i want to on the radio, same as music videos on tv.
so are they telling me that i cant tape a music video on my vcr to watch. or tape a song on a tape deck to listen to. then next since i have a copy i taped either from radio or tv. then with the computer age i can not put it on my computer. microsoft media player will do that for me, it even asks if i want to copy my music cd’s to the computer !
my video card has a built in tuner, i press a button and it will save any program to my hard drive.

so my point is, they are already giving these songs and movies to anyone with radio and tv. so what is the big deal of recording them for your own use. if these money hungry bands are so desperate for money ! dont release the music to public, save them for live shows !

oh by the way ive been a musician 32 yrs! and i sure dont see the money from the tax on blank tapes or cd’s!

This depends on where you live in the World. In Canada we are allow to make one copy for personal use only. There are stores that belong to the cpcc, (ie. London Drugs) and they charge a copyright levy.

Take look here.

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so are they telling me that i cant tape a music video on my vcr to watch.

“time lapsing” – i.e. recording something to listen to it later is legal. I’m not sure what you are referring to.

That is incorrect, you are referring to “[B]Time Shifting[/B].”

They are not GIVING anything - Radio and TV networks PAY a high price to license and broadcast the content. As far as I know, at least in North America, DVD recorders, audio tape, CD recorders and VCRs are not illegal since they make them and sell them. You are allowed to record a broadcast. What you are not allowed to do is re-broadcast it in any form. Example, taping your favourite TV episodes and streaming them off the internet or sharing them on P2P.

There will eventually be a day where VCRs and digital recorders will be obsolete - and for those upcoming digital recorders you will require a fee to record a program (not surprised if they will integrate a coin slot on the machine to insert your payment or credit card reader :smiley:

I don’t doubt your statement for a minute, but don’t give them ideas.J/K.:bigsmile: Funny how statements like this become a reality.

i also have a question, i am watching animé for a long time now and i cant get the serie’s here in holland i watch so i import them from jappan.
but a friend of mine downloads them threw bittorent is that legal, cuz it would safe me allot of money

In France, it would be legal (until DADVSI will be finally voted) because there, downloading something is considered making a private backup, even if you don’t own an original disc.

owke but i want to know if its legal in the netherlands :stuck_out_tongue:
ty for the info anny way :wink:

Mmmm well my tought about this:

When you buy for example a CD see that in very small letters, what you buy is the license for private home use, no broadcast, lend, informatic alteration etc. etc. The illegal thing would be to make copies of that CD and sell them for a pair of dollars or sharing it not only on P2P, giving it to your friend to listen to it, to broadcast it in any form blah!! blah!! blah!! :cop:

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i know that there bussy to make downloading ilegal in the netherlands i am not sure if its already ilegal but animé does not come here on tv or in the stores, so i have to order them in jappan so i have to pay for the dvd but also the costs to send them here and that around 55 euro’s. so if its ilegal i will still buy them but if not well then i could use my money for other things

that suxs

If you are over 18 and it’s for personal use only as a backup for the original you have, but never had you should be Ok if you live in the netherlands.

no i mean realy downloading of the net some say you may download animé but i am not sure about it becouse its the same if i download a dutch movie wich is illegal

I record music off the radio using my md deck. I couldnt care less if others think THAT is illegal. I am not getting the album cover art, nor the quality, nor the production process, as I am getting a lower grade product. Heck im not even getting all the song and that suits me fine, i only listen to the track for a few months then record over that with other stuff. In my mind, why should I pay for a low bitrate song on a pay-per-track site, or buy the full album when i only want it for a few listens. blah. lol, heck sony made that deck with analogue inputs, hmm I wonder where they thought we’d be recording from, doh, so basicly its sony’s fault for making a deck thats meant for recording lol :stuck_out_tongue:

yep… dont forget we pay for a tv licence…

Yes I understand what you are saying[B] uruhara [/B]but there is a difference between anime and a Dutch movie! ( I’m a great fan of Dutch movies but I wouldn’t waste my time downloading them, every time I go there I can buy them dirt cheap) Some of the anime is free and not copy righted the people and a lot of times they are amateurs that make them don’t have a lot of funds to market them so the cheapest way for them to make it available and some times the only way is to down loaded them just like if it was some amateur home made movie. There are a lot of anime sites that only host legal download and anybody can download them and as soon as one of there films is under copyright it’s removed from the site. You can read more about it Here and read up some more Here and there is some info on anime Here and some info on which ones are legal Here

Yes very true, very true! IF they really didn’t want people downloading or recording music of the radio they wouldn’t be making music CD, Mp3 players, radios and CD burners! :slight_smile:

Good point. I know we have to pay the licence fee here in the UK, but if I remember correctly a discussion I had with an American friend, they don’t have that kind of thing there.

I’m pretty sure at least some of the broadcasts by my cable company (Telewest) have some kind of “protection” on them (don’t ask me what that entails). Don’t think it’s the regular channel stuff, though.

LOL, this discussion reminds me of what they used to say in the heyday of vinyl and tape - “home taping is killing music” :bigsmile:

I have a question, say i by a game, then lose it, (A VERY long story) and don’t want to pay for it again, because i have already registered it, so i download it from shareaza off of, is that illegal?

If you have analouge cable then it’s probably some age-old scrambler.