Illegal mpeg audiostream

Hey all, been doing some searching and experimentation, but this one has got me beat. Recently I formatted my HDD and since then my usual Divx/Xvid to DVD method using TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 has been coming to a grinding halt. This is after it creates a temporal wave file, then uses SSRC as a sampling converter, and toolame as an external encoder. If I use the built in engines it doesnt start at all. The error I get is ‘illegal mpeg audiostream’ as soon as audio encoding is complete. Any ideas?

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Just to be sure you haven’t overlooked one of the usual suspects:

Did you load the mpeg in Avicodec, Gspot, or Virtualdub mpeg2 and see what info one of these three give you about the file in question

I’ve seen all those usual suspects but nothing seems to fall into this category. According to Gspot and Avicodec one file is Divx the other is Xvid and I have the correct codecs. Gspot can render the files and I can watch them glitch free via WMP. Must be a codec issue though, before the format I had 190 codecs and all worked well, now i’m back to 50, just wish I knew which ones.

I’d up Direct Show priority as far as it will go, then unlock the template and encode m2v only. Then I’d re-do the audio separately in FFmpegGUI directly from the AVI. Then multiplex. If that works it might help narrow down where the problem is, i.e. in the audio before TMPGEnc gets to it. (?) [scratches head]

Careful, sometimes the mpeg files can be corrupted. Try to open them with VirtualDub, extract the sound file (File___Save WAV) with it and re-encode it to 'MP2 for SVCD ’ with the BeSweet suide.
If you manage to do it, load the MP2 file as ‘audio input’ in TMPGenc.
Or, maybe, you manage to load the audio without an external encoder. In this case it’s more difficult: the output movie’s audio won’t be fully in-sync with the video, and you’ll have to extract the sound from THAT output with VirtualDub (Audio__Full processing mode–> extract an uncompressed WAV) and to edit it with Exact Audio Copy (Tools__Process WAV___Cut/Insert silence in the exact point where , due to the corruption, the sound goes out-of-sync to keep it in-sync for the video. You need to load the TMPGenc’s output WAV file or you won’t be able to extract the uncompressed WAV file from the input currupted AVI and to do some test with that WAV to use as ‘audio input’ in TMPGenc, before doing the final encoding.

@djmind: I’m a bit fussy/pedantic/anal when it comes to Divx conversions, NVE’s bar is too low.
@fritzi93: I’ve tried multiplex, I get the same error merging the streams.
@aldaco12: I’m pretty sure the files are ok, I’ve tried a couple of conversions with Divx files I’ve already done, and ones I’ve created myself, tried audio decompression, but still the same problem.

Thanks for your input guys, this weekend I’m formatting to make way for Win XP Pro, so I’ll worry about it then. If something springs to mind though, please post it.:slight_smile:

use The filmmachine with tmpgenc and it will be, propably, ok
(contains besweet, virtualdub etc except no encoder)