Illegal MP3 website leads to arrest of CD-R Pirate

I just posted the article Illegal MP3 website leads to arrest of CD-R Pirate.

Another arrest of a so called music pirate. A 36 year old man was caught today after a joint raid by Trading Standards and Police Officers which was attended by investigators from the BPI.


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Thats some one who makes a buck on the side its not like a professional with presses… But when you sell warez,Mp3z or any other data content i always say : Dont do the crime if you cant do the time.

I also believe that selling pirate software is nasty and any geezer doing it should get his ass kicked. But I also get pissed off wiv it gettin’ such a big deal profile like it’s equal to rape or murder. For fuck sake, itz just poxy computer software half of which is shite anyway (crashing etc) IMHO - catch the muggers, rapists and murderers 1st - then worry about stupid computer software. Laterz … . :4

Yeah its the typical BS… he sold it and yes that is wrong, you shouldn’t profit from it… but 10 years! Come on I could get drunk run someone over and kill them and get less time then that. Sad state we are in where non-violent pot heads and someone trying to make an extra buck gets more time then murderers.

Don’t forget, giving away copies of software is also piracy, as is installing software on more than one computer (if the license says that). I must agree, though, the penalties are a bit unfair (comparing piracy with murder etc).

So it’s illegal to open up a archival service for someone who has the original that wants a backup of their stuff. And you would be the person to do it for them for a small service fee, because client a) too stupid or b) dont have a burner whats wrong with that? :4

Dont care about this dude… People that re-produce/sell our stuff should go to jail. Bad though, how the profile is being blown up on MP3/Warez etc … Soon they’ll be saying that if you get caught your gonna ‘Ride the Lightning!’ :d

I’m surprised people are still buying pirated CD’s. I guess they are too lazy to download & burn it themselves.

Zib: Everyone dont have that fast connection that they can download everything, but i have :slight_smile:

people don’t care about murders or rapes. That’s small time crime now. Now all they care about is the big buck.

It’s not that folk don’t care about murders or rapes it’s more like that poeple DO care but sometimes are too bloody scared to report it coz the thug who commits the crime only gets a slap on the wrist and if not caught threatens the victim with physical violence if they report it. And actually comparing the two scenarios is not on. Murders and rapes are way out of the piracy league and the sentences, yes, are quite pathetic for the tossers who cause torment to victims and their families and friends. They should be hung, drawn and bloody quartered for those crimes. But, while this guy has NOT been sentenced yet, it is steep for the maximum of 10 years to be mooted here. Although it is likely he’ll get a slap on the wrist coz his operation has been stopped and they’ll keep a close eye on him in the future. My view is he deserves a minimum 1 year and two maximum. This is based on the light sentences handed out to, well, you know who I mean. Should *ill *ates and the likes get 10 years for robbing us of our money for OS’s that were poor at best? Or should we all be grateful for our ‘free’ versions we all have? I wonder… :8

Is there even such thing as a LEGAL MP3 website?

Is there even such thing as a LEGAL MP3 website?
Yes, there are several non-profit sites that list free music for download.

Is there even such thing as a LEGAL MP3 website?
Yes, there are several non-profit sites that list free music for download.

Traders are lame bye bye i say :4

I think it will be a slap on the wrist then should have the 3 strike rule. For whomever said it was a factory and I might not have all the information but… come on! what about child molesters and rapist and people who hurt? :r

Duh, I am an ignorant fool that has a one-dimensional view that I must defend blindly. Music began and continues to be a means of bringing communities together to share in the beauty of sounds being made. Music has the power to unite people, to communicate complicated thoughts and to provide comfort when nothing else can. File-sharing is a natural progression of the good ole fashioned “jam/drum circle/ho-down”. Music will continue to function in this manner, no matter what blind, greedy, profit-oriented people try to do. It is possible to stay balanced and find a solution. Let’s get toether here people.

There are a few big groups of people, world wide, that enjoy swapping music via CDR rather than over broadband. Lists of well ripped mp3 albums are made, and people then swap wants, burn and post. It’s a great way to get 100 to 1,000 mp3 albums for just a few hours of copying and a few bucks shipping. Don’t assume this guy was selling.