Illegal MP3 List

Hey everybody!! Newbie here wondering if any body could help me with my question. I want to know the new illegal mp3’s out there that recording industry is filing civil suits under (:Z ) Anyways, if someone could possibly gimmie a link to a site which displays them all or something of the sorts, it would be awesome.

Did you mean IP addresses that they use or songs? I read that specific songs have been traced through the IDtags which doesn’t very hi-tech.

Just make sure you don’t share any songs (I wouldn’t even share songs that are allowed to be shared) and you’ll be fine.

I don’t think there is a list somewhere on the net, but I’m quite sure that it’s very very wise to assume that at least 98% of all available music on P2P nets is shared illegaly… that should say enough eh? :slight_smile:

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