Illegal movie and series streaming box developer settles for $14.5 million in anti-piracy case


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The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), a group of about 30 major global entertainment companies and film studios including Amazon and Netflix, has settled for $14.5 million with the developer of an illegal set top box.


And this stops torrents how?


What has this got to do with stopping torrents, it was an illegal streaming box?


You need to open your mind a bit more here to the comment.


I think you need to read stories properly instead of making them out to be something they are not.

They said it was a “positive step in reducing online piracy” and getting rid of over 250,000 illegal streaming boxes in one move from a company making tens of millions from it isn’t bad from their point of view. Nobody mentioned torrents or said it was anything about stopping torrents, only you.


Who’s point of view? You ask others to be more careful/coherent with their posting and then post something that could be taken to mean that either party in this dispute received a result “that wasn’t bad”.
Honestly, if Kodi (my own assumption) or another illegal streaming company earned “tens if millions” and had to oay only 14 Mil. then they did get a result that wasn’t “too bad” (great, if you ask me).
OTOH if you were speaking of the plaintiff in the case, then they also received more than is usually awarded these days in piracy cases. If not more than awarded, then certainly more than gets collected. Most charged (who actually become defendants) don’t have the funds to pay that kind of fine and just declare bankruptcy or settle for pennies in the dollar.

Anyway, I suppose that isn’t really my main point.

Someone posted a comnent that was a bit off topic but still related to the discussion, ie piracy. Rather than engage and point out in a kind way that Torrents are not really what’s discussed in the article…you jump down the person’s throat for saying anything.
I really shouldn’t be surprised. Years ago this was a great site where people learned and shared knowledge abd friendly banter.
After recently coming back to the forum, having been away for years, I have found it to be anything but friendly. It seems to have become a club for a few know-it-alls, who take pleasure in both castigating abd ignoring others who are not “with it” enough.
l don’t see much worth coming back or sticking around for, unless it’s info in the archives

Good luck staying relevant with only that to offer.


How did I jump down anyone’s throat? By your own admission what they said was somewhat off topic and I said, and I quote, “What has this got to do with stopping torrents, it was an illegal streaming box?”. Is that jumping down someone’s throat? The poster could have replied in a reasonable way and elaborated but instead chose to leave a terse reply. I gave a similarly terse response pointing out torrents were not the story here but streaming boxes Just because they are both forms of piracy doesn’t mean they connect to each other every time piracy is mentioned.

I’m sorry you have found my reply a bit confusing. I did mean the content creators, they would consider taking 250,000+ streaming boxes and the company making them out of circulation a small victory. Into the bargain they got a good few million bucks for their troubles. The company making the boxes could have made tens of millions gross but we don’t know how much profit they made. Did they make more than the fine? Who knows…

I am open for rational discussion with anybody, but rational discussion is a two-way street, as I’m sure you know.


I hate to say this, but… welcome to the 2019 internet, where pretty much anytime there’s a comments section there’s always someone willing to start a fight. Sad, ain’t it?

That said, I don’t think there was much anger intended. IMHO, this comments section reads as people misunderstanding eachother’s logic, and assuming the other side was just being angry.

Here’s what I think was happing: CoolColors was trying to point out the pointlessness of trying of stop this streaming box, when the users will just go back to torrenting their favorite movies/tv shows. When Roho failed to get that implication, CC told him to try making the connection on his/her own, which Roho mistook for an insult. (This might not have been the brightest idea in the world.) Roho then pointed out that taking down these streaming boxes might have been good from the entertainment industry’s point of view.