Illegal mode for this track

hi am new to this forum.

sorry if this question has already been asked but i cant seem to find a working answer. im getting this error tryin to copy gta3 (safedisc 2.6) with nero 6, roxio 6, alcohol 120 and clonecd (with copy on the fly). then i tried creating image first, and all progs are making image at about 30kbps (0.20x) very slow! i cant be bothered to wait half a day, and surely my brand new pc is capable of better speeds. i have set read speed max by the way, which is 48x on seperate dvd-rom. ive tried using nec drive to read as well, this is still slow.
i am using nec nd-2500a which has copied fifa 2004 and others successfully. what is the problem?

ps. discs are imation 48x max cheap but have always worked for me in the past

Use Alcohol or CloneCD; Nero and Roxio have no capability to backup copy protected games whatsoever.

I’m not sure about it taking half a day, but it does go very slowly when making an image of a safedisc protected game. As best I can remember, the first 10,000 or so sectors are where the protection is kept and must be read very slowly to ensure accuracy. It should speed up after that initial section. If the entire read is at that glacial speed, your problem probably lies elsewhere.

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as btspm posted you should use Alcohol, ConeCD or Blindwrite. There are some other programs which can handle this protection but the three mentioned are espescially for protected Software. I would recommend reading this tutorial Copying SafeDisc 2 protected games to get a little knowledge how to backup SafeDisc protected Software.

thank u both ur geniuses! i tried using alcohol 120 but left it for a bit and that was it! picked up good speeds after about 20mins. amazing! thanks a lot and if u ever need any help…u know!

bye 4 now