Illegal Medium

I need help…

I have a hp DVD Writer Drive 100i that only uses a DVD+RW disc. I’m trying to burn a movie downloaded form the web. I used TMPGEnc to do it’s thing. Then using NERO Burn I tried to burn to a Philips DVD+RW disc. Twice I’ve gotten a message “Illegal Medium” "Burn Process Failed at 2.4x(3,312 kb/s).

I know HP 100i is not the best burner but, if NERO is the problem can I use maybe a different software that will work with the hp 100i. If so, what do you suggest? :frowning:

Brand Name Disc or Software?


I got the same error on Nero 5 and Nero 6 using Ritek DVD+RW media and the
Sony DRU500a. One fix was that I also own a stand alone DVD writer (RCA) that I hook up to my TV. It only writes to DVD+R or DVD+RW. When I put the DVD+RW media that failed with Nero (i.e. "illegal medium) and have the RCA burner format the disk (it formats DVD+RW in DVD-VR mode) it works perfectly. I then remove the disk from the RCA DVD writer and put it back into my computer. Nero sees there is data on it, asks me if I want to reformat (which I say yes) and everything works perfectly. Once the disk has undergone the initial formatting, I can now write to it over and over again.

Hope this helps…


You should always Erase blank, virgin RWs (+ or -) before attempting to burn a movie or data to them.

At the price of 8x DVDR burners now, I’d be thinking of trashing the Phillips real soon.