- "illegal medium" -- "Burn Process Failed at 2.4x (3,312 kb/s)"



My name is Don known as “Nakedbullfrog”. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada moving here in 1993. My home is Seattle, Wa and I guess you can say I went from rain to heat. Today it is 116 and windy. I’m a retired State
Police Officer from New Mexico and currently working for the city transit here in Las Vegas as a accident investigator.

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I’m using NERO to Brun mpge files on HP DVD Writer Drive 100i. - “illegal medium” – “Burn Process Failed at 2.4x (3,312 kb/s)”. Would anyone have an idea what this means.

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Hi Don, welcome to CDFreaks.

… “a movie I up loaded from the web” …

… could be illegal unless you have the digital rights management issues sorted :wink:

You may get some more replies if you tidy up the language :slight_smile:



I’ll try that.


>Would anyone have an idea what this means.

Lots of things have to fall together for a successful burn.

Depending on who actually makes the HP in question, it may be a UDMA or PIO Mode. If all else is good then it could be a PIO Mode device and it needs its own channel with no background apps.

Ideally, the media used should one recommended by the vendor or manufacturer.

The burner’s firmware should be updated if there are specific problems (like yours).

The disk and writer should be on different IDE channels but if both are UDMA devices it should not matter (ATA4 command & queuing protocol). If the disk is ATA66+ then you must have an 80 conductor/40 pin cable with the coloured connectors - blue grey and black. Blue to the motherboard.

Optical devices do not do well on IDE or RAID controllers - keep them on the 1st or 2nd channel.

Update your chipset drivers, sound drivers and video drivers if the vendor’s page suggests that it may fix a relevant problem.

Check BIOS updates for the mobo as well.

By the sounds of your issue, it just may well be cheap media that is too cheap :wink: Without knowing much else, I would not yet point to a slow CPU or slow disk. Use the latest version of Nero, too.

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I’m new to this and haven’t a clue on how to set the settings for this HP100i burner.

I was told by the creator (HP) to change disc type and change the speed on the disc.

I did update firmware and I’m getting the same results when trying to burn files from hard drive to DVD disc.

Pinnacle, is it a better software for burning on HP?

I’m not having the best of luck with Nero.

Thx again



There may be rogue .DLLs or .VXDs on your hardrive already.

This was me in Jul 2000 !

Read the Nero Tool Tips (on the CD and the website) - they list the ‘bad’ files that should be changed from .DLL to .DL_ or to .VX_
In Win98 they reside in the /IOSUBSYS/ folder

Alternately, Feurio! will find them for you (www.feurio.com)

I suspect that any software you try will give you problems because the issues are underlying.

Don’t give hope!