Illegal guitar tabs



Christ i hate the american music industry, i can understand making songs you download off the internet illegal to download, but ascii tabs? arg… im so angry… just about to learn another brick in the wall and got a message saying the site was shut down due to legal issues. They are even thinking of putting the site owners in prison… Ba*tards


oh yeah, you can still get them off a few sites, but not in a guitar pro format :frowning:


It has so gotten beyond the point of absurdity. I don’t understand why the industry is so bent on destroying itself.


check out one of my old threads for my opinion on the matter


It’s just stupid!
I also can’t get the idea!


oh, i didnt see that in the search… but anyway, i would probably end up downloading tab off p2p if they ended up shutting down all tab sites.


For those of you that know a thing or two about news groups and have access to them you are in luck

there you will find a file that is about 188 mb named “Every Guitar Pro Tab.rar” in it is every single guitar pro tab from which is no longer allowed to provide them

Please share these!!

They can go ahead and make guitar tabs illegal that just means we will have to share them illegaly :smiley:


This site still has guitar pro tabs


check this


just wait if the u.s. goverment gets it way sites like this will be gone know they want to protect us from the cold cruel world…they know that we cant do it our self.they are already talking about it.theres talk of a taxing much like they did pot. because they really dont have the power to ban it so they tax it to a point where it just as well be ban.i got that from a show on link tv last week. im with peoples101 on this ive paid for books but theres so many songs that they dont make books for or are out of share i will…


Have you tried


What really sucks is I had tried an illeagal version of GP5 and liked it so much I paid for the full version… and now all the songtabs are illeagal ?.. well its a good thing I downloaded them all before they made the decision on that but still it is not right to buy something and then tell you later on its not leagal to get the files that are ran by the program, GP has made a mint, It’s like when I paid $100 buck for an Ozzfest ticket and then was told later he was on the second stage when you dont have seating and could have got the tickets for $50, maybe they should pay the artist a kick back, I myself have made tabs to teach people for free but maybe I should rethink that and ask for money so you all can download it illeagally, maybe I’ll get more hits… :smiley: who knows might even sell a tab… hummm $1.00 per tab… nawww $.09 cents is probably a good start.
so be sure to send me some funds before you download my fretboard lesson at and besure to send me some funds for my mp3’s I made too… !!!, but in all this comotion about p2p I’m up in arms about joining cause I don’t want to rip off the artist but I don’t want to be ripped off from those type of sites either if they happen to up and run then sell your CC info to everyone. Thanks for your precious time.


Good man!!!
World is illegal if you wanna some gp tabs then i got it for you about 1.97 GB when unzipped from zipped version.please reply me for links.


you guys can find gp files over ,search artist and it will display available gp files,bass tabs ,ASCII tabs etc for you.If you need any gp files please contact me i got about 1.97 GB of gp files when unzipped.


Another pointless move. The thing is that many tabs are wildly inaccurate. They are usually just imitations done by ear. How can downloading imitations of the original be against copyrights? The RIAA would ban singing in the shower if they could.