Illegal file sharing continues to grow despite legal action

I just posted the article Illegal file sharing continues to grow despite legal action.

Illegal File
Sharing Continues to Grow Despite Legal Action
Recently released data from research consultancy
XTN Data shows that file sharing over the internet continues to grow and that…

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"We estimate there to be 52 million people in the US using file sharing software. In the past two years legal action in the US has seen 3,500 cases resolved. "52 million? Better check again, I got 50 million and one! :B
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As one of those 43% who can’t find what he wants through the standard channels… Odd how the number of downloads can go up while the number of services goes down.

if copy-rights-cartel stops !@#%ing with drm & price fixing, it will decline

These are about the most absurd numbers I ever heard of!! 1 in 4 internet users using file sharing software to download DVDs? 1 in 4-5 men, women, children and babies with or without an internet connection, much less broadband, using file sharing? Somebody is flat lying and trying to impress some Congressmen with numbers pulled from a dark portion of his anatomy!