Illegal downloads? You lose your connection

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You know that feeling? You want to see the next episode of Lost, but you’ve to wait for another full week. As a true criminal you go upstairs and search the dark web for next week’s series. In just a…

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As much as I love my computer I would dump it apart from email. Might be cutting off your nose to spite your face. No way will i pay extortionate prices for software. I will buy and do buy software if it is a reasonable price, if not I look for freeware that will do the job. If this idea gets a free hand it will kill computing stone dead!!

If this came to pass, encryption would become standard practice on file sharing networks. Your ISP would not be able to single you out. And pedofiles, terrorists and politicians would get a safe haven to trade their goodies. gg Hollywood.

YEAH RIGHT!!!..Stop downloading illegal content or we will cut off customers connections and lose millions in profits.GO AHEAD MAKE MY DAY…i`ll go elsewhere to someone who wont cut me off and so will millions of others.BIG BROTHER STRIKES AGAIN. :frowning:

Look on the bright side: At least now we have a way to get out of our 18 month contracts once the signup reduced offer has ended.

What losses? I’ve worked in the media retail industry and I know exactly how much games and movies cost to produce on CD/DVD and yes, it’s a rip-off!! I never buy new, if there’s something I really want I’m quite happy to wait a while and pick it up on online auctions dirt cheap.

hmmmmm, makes me glad I have encrypted usenet! pricks!

Sweden tries to violate people’s privacy… France, Denmark and now Japan want to cut off downloader’s internet? Have they lost their mind? Or did the world start going crazy? Must be the SKY-HIGH gasoline prices getting to everyone’s head!

It’s simple… the public allow these things to take place, so of course, your going to lose your rights. If people actually stood up for themselves, crap like this never would be an issue.

"You know that feeling? You want to see the next episode of Lost, but you’ve to wait for another full week. " Huh!! In my part of the world it’s closer to a full year. The only way to keep up to date here is to download the latest eps from the US and UK , that is of course unless you like cappy reality shows that seem to arrive weeks after being shown overseas. Sounds the Hollyrock has bought every one…

The Australian parliament maybe introducing a similar legislation, where isp’s either cut off pirates or the isp get’s a fine. Not sure if it will get passed!

This will not work. The number of people who are using the internet for these type of download is huge and ISPs will simply go out of business because of consumer backlash. The only way is to persuade people to download files legally. It is possible, look at itunes.

Getting my fix of TV will be the only loss if this happens as all the good programs I like are from overseas and not shown here. :frowning: As for music, I like the older music anyways and it is always available at decent prices. Only the crappy noise that passes for music nowadays is overpriced. (not all, but most new). :d As for games, there are is a lot of freeware out there. Just look at the remakes scene for quality games. :wink: Software companies had better tread carefully as you piss enough people off, they’ll soon start turning to open-source instead and realise that there really is some great free stuff out there and they are being shafted for the commercial stuff they buy. Won’t sell anymore when more people wake up to this. :slight_smile: Just my thoughts anyway. :B
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surely if i subscribe to a satelite service that will eventually broadcast lost, wether i watch it now or then is not an issue, as i pay my subscription now as i will then.

how can someone be so retardedly short-sighted? if they cut off the people, it’s be more dramatic than what they expect: * no more online gaming (hence peopz wouldn’t buy games, neither xbox live, etc) * no more buying from amazon * no more buying from itunes * no more buying of anything out of protest or whatever * no more online ads * …

They don’t NEED to inspect your encrypted connection. They just join the swarm and pick off the IP’s as you cannot hide the IP addresses. The ISP’s have agreed together to report to each other by doing this. Go read up on it some more.