Illegal download sites not fazed by Government pressure



Illegal download sites not fazed by Government pressure.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The Department of Justice and copyright groups may have recently taken down several prominent file sharing websites, but the actual real-world effect of these actions is most likely very limited.

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And 0.00001% of pirate downloads stopped for … a few hours?

The MPAA/RIAA are getting steam-rolled, no matter how much money the US GOVERNMENT throws at it.


I do not understand why this is done these days. I do understand if someone does use the copyright material for mutual benefit but most users just watch, listen - whatever. This takes be back to my first year in college and almost kicked out for plagiarism of a journal I kept for the class. I did not think it was for a grade but my instructor search the web for over 100 hours and found that 3 of my 30 journal entries were plagiarized. Damn it was only 2 songs lyrics and an article on alloys of metals. The true test of these operations is to see how many protocols in the TCP/IP stack to hammer a certain ip address. Thank You Peer Block and Peer Guardian for the years of loyal service of acquiring flagged IP addresses in the ban list. I cannot wait for IP6 to go national. I am sick and tired of having to have a Statefull Packet Inspection Hardware firewall. Then beyond it a Smooth Wall Linux software Firewall then Peer Block installed on each computer to prevent my packets from being sniffed along the Fiber line. From the Demarc of my ISP, I own the packets coming in and around my lines. From that, but to have outside idiots pinging my IP address need to stop. Whoever is in Fremont California. You know where to stick it.


I do not understand why your Enter button is not working. Now i have difficulty reading that story.


If the president would go after the real US PIRATES: the banks that have added margin points to credit card operations of people that have ficos scores of 750 to 850. This alone would help close the piracy gap as this is one of the problems that has caused piracy among US citizens. Another problem is the expense that RIAA and MPAA have used to supposely to curb piracy. The citizens of this country are being subjected to corporate piracy that have caused unemployment and higher cost of living that OUR government has denied that exists.There isn’t any poor congress people as there are corporate people that lines their pockets to get congress to look the other way and deny that these and other problems exist. In summary, we the average citizens of this country, will continue to pay through the nose. Johnhenry


Great comment, John Henry. Correct on all points. Congratulations.