Illegal disk?

ok first thing… im not a noob i just couldnt find a good spot for this…

ok ive backed up many dvd movies in my life and ive come to the first problem ive ever had. Nero has satisfied me for years and now i get a disk that has … a problem. OK im a garage-sale person and i came across a foreign film called Ong-Bak. Like always, the used disks are always have scratches. The movie already skiped in a few places so i wanted to make a copy because i care. :iagree: Ok like i always do , i create a UDF disk, copy all my .vob and .bup over and click burn. Well, after its analized it says in bold


So i look it over and it has all its copyright stuff but cant find how it can be illegal.

 plz help            i dont know if removing a certain file in the disk will help but ill see what i can find

Maybe because you ANALized it instead of analyzed it? :eek: :eek:
(Sorry couldn’t resist.)